[Dev Blog] Crafter Workshops++


crafting, evolved! :smile: :+1:

When this update eventually goes live, your crafters will be able to create multiple types of workshops. Recipes will in turn require a specific type of workshop: spindles for thread, looms for fabric, forges for ingots, etc


This is the type of complexity that I am really looking forward to! Making workshop buildings that require specific components (“workshops”) that we can place! Very cool.


This plus crates means I’m going to have to completely redesign my workshop buildings and my town layout, I think. I’m intrigued by the whole shared workshops thing. How will that work with queues, exactly?

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When I was a child, Christmas was once a year, and it was very hard to wait for it.

When I was an adolescent, I didn’t care much about Christmas.

Now that I am an adult, Christmas is about once a month, whenever you release a new alpha, and it is almost as exciting to wait for it as it was in my childhood days. Thank you for the peek ahead, I like multiple workshops already!!


Soooo… who builds the other workshops?

Is it:

Carpenter :arrow_right: Spinning wheel
Mason :arrow_right: Forge

Or does the crafter create all of their workshops?

Is there an extra wood/stone requirement to build them?


I love it!! thank you so much! :laughing:

Ooooo with this system in place it might be possible to add my tatara to nihonjin :stuck_out_tongue: