[Dev Blog] Desktop Tuesday, Introducing the Blacksmith!


Very cool stuff, new armor!


The new armors, man that was what i been waiting for. in the next stream someone need to ask about the helmets and how the game will handle then


caught me at lunch… will be a shame to watch this on an iPhone… but what’s a girl to do? :smile: :+1:

edit: yes indeed… the new armor looks impressive! I am sure donning these new sets will improve my footmen’s morale… :wink:


In response to the expensiveness of blacksmith crafts.

I’m a huge fan of this. There’s no real reason to build a padded vest or the heavy leather armor if you can mine out 4 blocks and make copper or iron breastplates.

Keep it expensive, keep it rewarding i say!


This update looks great and I think it’s good that the blacksmith will have 2 work stations (the anvil and the forge), but it seems quite strange that you don’t need any coal or wood to smelt metal bars… The armour looks very cool though.


seconded! as you say, it makes the process all the more rewarding to build up to the bigger and better armor pieces… :+1:

indeed… but as @Tom mentions, the forge isn’t functioning just yet… I can see multi-step processes for some of the more complicated recipes…

1) coal added to forge 2) ore added to the (now burning) forge 3) super heated ore transferred to the anvil where its hammered into an ingot

Also introducing 3 new start menu icons:

  • Shop sign icon
  • Red banner icon
  • Exclamation mark icon

Now I’d guess that #3 there is for housing the bulletin board notices instead of being off to the side of the start menu. My guess for #1 is that it might be for a master list of workshops for managing them maybe? And the second banner I’d guess is related to combat or military but hard to say. Any thoughts?

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agreed… and a welcome addition! should also house all the random villager chatter that normally floats in that bottom right-hand space… :+1:

agreed as well… @Tom mentioned this in the last stream, that the number of clicks to get to a units workshop was inefficient… this should streamline that process…

I had this suspicion when watching the stream, but I wasn’t sure. Now, after seeing it in-game I can say: Forge looks more like a well on fire than a forge. It desperately needs an ash-pit(s) to look like a forge. And a more defined border to separate it from the ground.

But other that that, good work. I love seeing the progress of this game.


i think the forge was good when it haven’t add the roof for her yet, and the bigger one on the stream was way better and looked so great

An enjoyable update!

Regarding how ores and bars should work, I personally like the idea that metal is a primary element of the tech tree… but not in a direct copper < iron < steel < gold relationship. Firstly, it’s boring and seemingly pointless (why should I bother building up a copper armory when I’ll get iron soon enough?) Secondly, it’s distractingly unrealistic (sure, sure, goblins aren’t realistic, but it’s a matter of acceptable breaks from reality).

My thoughts are that all metal have specific uses. Having a lot of gold, but no iron, will force you to focus on one strategy instead of annother, instead of letting you short-circuit the tree entirely. Here’s a proposal from me, consider it in general terms rather than as a specific suggestion.

Iron and Bronze (made from copper and tin) are functional metals, good for making tools.
Pure tin is used to produce gadgets (“tinkering”), while pure Copper is pretty much the same as iron.
Gold and silver are used to please high-ranking villagers, make money for trading, or some other economic task. They may have alchemical or magical use as well.
Steel is made using iron and some other ore; in this case, it makes sense for it to be a direct upgrade from Iron, but only if it’s especially difficult to make compared to iron. If not, assume that iron ore is used to make carbon steel.

Ores are randomly rare, average, or common in each area, and consist of large, twisting, three-dimentional veins. It should take a fairly large number of ore blocks per bar, but every square mined should drop a block. Collecting the materials should be slow, but certain.


I think the forge needs the part that blows air into it too make it look more like a forge, i don’t know the name of it but here a picture of what i’m talking about.

Aw man! It’s gonna be a good stream tonight, I think. Kinda wish I were still in North America… this is gonna be a sleepless night :wink:

I brought this up last stream, the devs would rather focus on making the game rather than fiddling with workshop add-ons that may or may not add much to gameplay. It can always be modded in, at the very least for aesthetics purposes!

(They’re called ‘Bellows’ by the way!)

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These are great ideas! Thanks.


Elevator music for the win! :smile:

I guess making ore ratio depending on area makes sense, it’s the same as when you decide to start your settlement in the mountains or in the forest, that’s because you want to focus in mining or to have wood resources near. Maybe even putting the scale in the map generation could be worth, like for vegetation and animals, but for general mining resources. :confused:

This could even fit with the three human factions, each one could have a different special ore in their starting area, although that’d be lore and that’s still yet to come (the way they will be different between them).


My immediate thought was: "Where are the swords?"
But I presume they’ll be here soon enough. :smile: Also, when we do get metal swords, how will they work with the class tree? Will there be a class for each sword? A class for wood, then a class for metal swords? Or just the footman class which can use all the kinds of swords? Will the damage be different on the different swords? Too many questions! :frowning:

in yesterday stream, Tom was talking about the helmets, someone can tell me what he said exactly because i could not understand.

stonehearth.net site down ?

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it is indeed… :cry:

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