Metals for the game

I think it would be really cool if some of the metals they added were: copper, bronze, iron, steel, and as the final metals something like Mithril and Adamantine. What does anyone else think?

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I would like an ‘age’ type system of ores. The worst type of crafting material for stuff (other than wooden training stuff) would be stone. Then maybe stronger stones, Then copper. Then bronze. Then iron. Then steel. And then even stronger and lighter metals, until you get something like Mithril or Adamantine mentioned above. Or titanium.

hi @zedie … yes, these are all staple materials that will more than likely all make it into SH… take a look here to see the progression of a footman, through some various armor sets…

Interesting about the exotic materials thing
that sounds like gathering materials ie mining will have at least some significance

Could you add Uranium as a way to harness ‘the magic of the atom’. :wink:

i think they should add metals that wouldn’t be in your typical game like Titanium or Tungsten. Then you could have the mythical ores like mithril and Adamantine.

How about coming up with own names for resources like Groth? Much like Mithril.

Anyways, I’d like to see Iron and Mint atleast in Stonehearth.

But titanium is brittle as obsidian and could only be used for blunt weapons… although similar things can be said about glass which is a material you can use (I’m sure you’ve heard). Although I myself would like to see obsidian as a material, incredibly sharp, deadly and EXTREMELY useless against armor.

tungsten… one of my favorite metals (which is insanely difficult to scratch)… :+1:

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If alloys like bronze and steel are included, I’m curious whether the player will get to actually mix the elements (copper + tin, iron + carbon) to create them, as a recipe? I’d personally enjoy this concept and function for the smiths, even if it’s a little more work to produce these materials. Of course, there’d be plenty of options for mystical and original metals/materials if they decided to do this–my one concern is that it could be TOO overdone or prevalent in the crafting system.

Maybe we can get some kind of fancy Tungsten-Obsidian Legend Blade. Even–and ESPECIALLY–if it’s unrealistic.


I’ve seen this mint mentioned in a few places as a metal. Is it just that you’re all crazy and don’t know what you’re saying something else in non-England? Here it’s a plant and also the place that produces coins and bank notes :smile:

Hope to god that your weapon doesn’t crush you :smiley:.

hahaha… yes, it is quite the heavy element… will have to keep that in mind…

thanks for the reminder… :wink:

Remember, when crafting items pick something sane, glass slippers will only break, and heavy armor only slows you.

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So glass heavy armour is a no? :wink:


depends… are you heading into battle, to defend your settlement? or heading to Las Vegas, to defend your CosPlay title?


Agreed, an insane thing to wear to CosPlay. Save it for the battles.


well i guess there is nothing wrong with going into battle and being dazzling and fabulous


so many comments i could make right now… XD


such as… ? :wink:

Edit: unless they aren’t family friendly in which we should probably think of the children and be responsible or something…

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