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What other metal stuff is there, though? Let’s gather some suggestions so that Radiant will have some inspiration all lined up. Obviously, some things will be more suited for some types of metal than others, so feel free to specify by saying <type of metal> <x>. Otherwise, just say metal <x>. Link a picture if you have a specific design in mind.

Here are a few to start:


I’m always up for more decorations. I’d especially like different variations of fences and construction components, particularly “neat” versus “messy/junk” designs. You can go for a pristine city center with regal vertical bar fences, or a smuggler/pirate den with fences that look like they’re made from throwing pieces of sheet metal together.

Hybrid recipes, like a wall rack of tools (using wood and metal) or a tall flag/banner (fabric and metal), are also something I’m looking forward to.


i rather like your thoughts @Atralane, also with the “multi-material” items, stone and metal fences. plus, along with having different “wealth” styles (pirate, fancy, etc) it would be cool to have different variants,

those are just a few examples of what we could have.


How about (treasure) chests, both full metal and hybrid wood / metal?


I always thought of Stonehearth as existing in a situation where metal is still fairly uncommon and you won’t want to waste it on things that can be easily made from wood or stone.

Having said that, I think there is some potential for future items that incorporate metal as new classes come online. One obvious instance is for advanced classes. The Brewer could have a Brass Still. The Physician could have a Steel Scalpel. Maybe a Master Chef that uses an Iron Pot instead of a Stone Pot.

Something that may have an influence on this is the other classes which have been promised. There is the Engineer and the Magma Smith who could both use metals as a major component of their stuff. Obviously one is about more mechanical things and the other is about doing things with magma, but Radiant needs to be careful not to overload any one class with goodies at the expense of all the others.


What, you don’t like God Carpenter?

(You are powerless without them.)


So nowadays when you decide to build something, it’s made from wood or stone, for the most part. However, why not make something out of silver, or gold? I’d love to design a giant silver statue of a hearthling with golden accents adorning it and a giant iron halberd in its hand.

Sure it might be a waste of valuable material, but I’m sure that at one point someone’s gonna have more ore than they know what to do with. Heck, even by the time I have a village of 15 hearthlings I have a large heap of ingots just taking up space because I have no need to craft anything from the Blacksmith.

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