Stone and metal furniture

As the title say, I think it would be good to be able to craft and place stone/metal window, doors, etc.

This was already asked by Communistpenguin but it seem it was largely ignored so I am asking again.

I was building a manifactorium (warhammer 40k reference), so it was drenched in gothic style and the wooden windows were really out of place.

Please add more stone and metal furniture. It would also help to level up our smith since the only possible way to do it currently is to craft ingots, that isn’t really rewarding or useful for the community in the short term.


More will come in the future for sure. Meanwhile you can try a few mods that adds decorations, they will probably have something like that.
If you prefer to not use mods, I recommend the clay items. I love the potter windows and doors, and I use those a lot.

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Hope they come soon, also, good idea, I will try the potter.