Fan Day (submit your idea)

Tom mentioned a fan day in a recent live stream. He said to post your ideas and during a live stream he might create/implement the best. So put on your thinking caps on and post your ideas for in game items. Try to keep it simple.

nice! I must have missed that part of the stream… can you elaborate? we submit suggestions for items to be modeled? :smiley:

how about we collect, say… 10 items and then i’ll create a corresponding poll (or update the original post here and turn this thread into the poll)… :question:


Tom got the idea from the stream comments and he said it would be good to do something like that (not exact words). He was saying he could not only model but possibly code some of the items. He mentioned how he modeled, coded, and implemented the iron spear in about 10 minutes. From what he described he wants to do it all in-stream.

PS: My memory isn’t perfect so check the stream or ask tom for more info

Ideas simple items? Okay

  1. Signs that we can type in to name buildings or a crossroad sign. ie: Tavern.

  2. Heavy Crossbow, two hander.

  3. Hunter Capes for Trappers.

  4. Tavern Bar :stuck_out_tongue: Just the bar itself.

  5. Torches use a stick and the fire from the campfire to give it life. (Hangable)

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…fish pike


What about some more variants of stone walls and floors? With the blacksmith coming out soon it’d be perfect, considering the need for stone around forges and open fire.

As for craftables, I’d still like metal-based light fixtures like lamp posts or oil lamps.

Other ideas:

Barricades (perhaps more defense-oriented fence types, like the model we saw with the goblin set) This has probably been mentioned in both Discourse and Twitch, but I figured I’d also put my vote for it.

Cooling basin I’m not sure of the exact terminology, but it’s the vessel of water in a forge that heated metal is dipped in during the temperament process. Maybe it has a small table next to it with a pair of tongs that is used to hold the metal, and a few bars or blades that were just cooled. (Perhaps in the future, the basin, anvil, and furnace can be interfaced by the player to recognize them as parts of one blacksmith “workshop” (which could possibly work for other prospective multi-part crafting stations as well). The basin in particular wouldn’t be needed for ingots, only actual metalworking with the processed material. I’ll make a suggestion post about this later!)

Mounted tools and weapons Either hung vertically, like a peg to hang them when not in use, or horizontally (which would suggest more of a decoration). Personally, with the Coat of Arms from the stream this Thursday, I’d prefer the former, to liven up our structures.

Ore bin/tray Another decorative blacksmith item. Essentially a crate or set of shelves with assorted ores and metals on it, like a collection of works-in-progress or personal projects.

Large dresser (or other furniture) Our residential furniture is mostly made up of small items right now. It’d be nice to get some larger furniture, like a vanity, bookshelf, long table, etc., to fill houses better. Maybe also some larger window variants and respective curtains too?


Keep it simple lol, oh wait some of these are simple lol.

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oh yea for furniture we need a comfy sofa and a bookshelf full of books to make a library room +1 for the bookshellffff

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I think he wants us to model them .=)

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Haha, that was my comment that brought that up

i’ll be making some mods and stuff so maybe i’ll show it to him at the stream later

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ok… can someone please confirm what was mentioned during the stream? :smile: I’ll be in the office in a few and will check as well…

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Whaaa?! O.o

You get to watch streams whilst you are in the office? Oh my. I whant what you’re having! (As in jobb.)

wait… doesn’t everyone get to goof off for a solid 7.5 hours, only putting in a solid half hour of work a day?


Well i started attending history at the university now after xmas so its 2-3 hours of lecturing and 2-4 hours of independent reading per day… i miss my old job. :sob:

Maybe we are just more responsible over here in sweden.

based on what i heard, people send models or use the already made by the community and we vote in what we want to be added to the game, so he would pick the winner and make an official version off that and put in game


ahhh, ok… that makes sense… love the idea! :+1:

@Froggy! toss in some of your best stuff mate! :smile:

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Crud…well if that’s the case, we might not necessarily see my ideas, since I don’t have the means to model them myself! If we do need fan-made models for the ‘contest’ and someone who has the modeling programs would like to, I’d be fine with someone else trying their hand at my suggestions!

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I was thinking about useable weapon racks, where when defense mode is activated, non soldiers can grab a sword and shield from it if its in their vicinity, then run off to their blue flag station

OOH I like this! They’re often filled with oil and ignite when the hot blade is dipped in.

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I think what Tom was saying was that he wanted to look at touching up and implementing fan made items, mods and models into the game for an upcoming stream. So having a collection of voxel items that have been made in mods, having everyone vote on them and then remodelling/touching them up himself to include in the game as an official item. I could be wrong though :]

I usually steer clear of trying to make suggestions as I’m on the other side of the development fence now (well, one foot on either side! :slight_smile: ) but I had to give a shout out to my man @pepe who, those who were around during the early days, may remember some of his fantastic and imaginitave submissions!

All from this impressive thread Pepe's little voxel & board game corner :]



Yeah, having these would be nice–the problem though was that I think it was mentioned in stream last night and Tom wasn’t sure about tackling this yet, since it’d be a new set of ‘storage’ coding + furniture recognition in the game (part of the reason I was angling more for the decorative side). So maybe not now, but I’d definitely want this in the future!