Idea: Contribute your art/models/etc to Stonehearth?

Hey guys,

Midnyte_Raven had an interesting idea on the stream tonight – he wanted to actually make in-game items for us. Not in a mod, but actually contributing to the game.

We’ve acutally been thinking about doing something like this for a while. What do you guys think? Basically, we would a have a running “bounty board” of assets that we need. You guys could submit an asset, and if we accept it, you would get some kind of in-game credit, like in the description of a recipe.

Is this a good idea, or are we just totally crazy. Pls post your thoughts. Thanks!


This is totally great idea, indeed fitting for your team, already so focused on keeping us community in -game!

How to dye regular hair into ginger hair. Step 1: collect ginger root. Step 2: Hearthlings smash plant into hair until they become gingers. Done. Thank you.


I find myself sitting at my pc quite a bit and I wonder if I could better implement my time, other than for gaming/homework, etc, so I figured I’d pop the question during the stream.

I enjoy doing digital art, don’t ask for my work (I’m the typical ‘too-harsh on myself’ artist) so I don’t really upload my stuff, but I would love to help contribute to this game.

Obviously, anyone offering up their asset designs forfeit their rights to the work, save maybe some acknowledgement (if that), but this something that should be VOLUNTEER ONLY.

Furthermore, if this idea does go live and tons of assets are submitted; don’t be angry or upset if your asset gets rejected or someone else gets picked over you. As I said, its VOLUNTEER WORK, as such do what you can because you want to, not because you expect something back from it.


I like the idea, not saying that I’m awesome at qubicle and will win :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s like the ultimate fan art, have coo-does “name in the game” is far more valuable than $$$

It’s not like all the modeling work will be done like this, but do a specific item / build, give us the specs of what you are looking for and let us have fun! it could be a monster or building type. (like what you did a few weeks back with the storehouse).


Out of the large group of people, one man yells
"What if we’re expecting a certain type of hair color to go in fashion, and the guy who wants it the most had a Z in his name? Remember, just a question."

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yer any art used in the game you give freely and full copyright use, but with your name attached you could at least use it as part of your portfolio for industry related job applications.

i like the thought…

one question though: would you use submitted models as a base, and edit them if you so desired, or would/will you just implement them as they are when submitted…


I think its been a long time coming… :smile:

you have a ton of very talented folks/fans… i’m just going to page @Froggy for now… :wink:


thats who i first thought of, with the fact he already "donated"lots of his models from the cafe mod.


That’s the first person you thought of?! You didn’t think of the poor gingers first?! You’re racist :angry:
But you can change! Yes you! For only $5 dollars a day, you can help house these abandoned ginger hearthlings!

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Im totally for this Idea! Like Steve has said - it was time that this is coming xD also pointing at @Froggy and his Stonehearth Cafe with the Windsail, Yaks, Bees, Potatos, Wheat, HONEY! and Wells xD

I know that im very … very very very bad with qc and arts and style and – ähmmmm ok … you know what i want to say :smiley:

Like Picard has said: Make it happen!

Edit: And like known: You can use my German-Translation - without any restrictions! :wink:


so many to call out, and I always get in trouble when I do this (forgetting some notable quibicle masters)…

oh well… :smile:

paging @Pepe, @TobiasSabathius, @Relyss and @Avairian … for now … :blush:


perhaps we should open an own topic where we can choose which mods should be added to stonehearth and when they get enough likes (ca 10% of the registrated users in 1 week?) then it will goes to radiant if the quibcle master allows it xD

edit: for this i have send Steve a little list of mods. which are be perfect to “upgrade” the game.

Not to be the Debby Downer here, but there are some things TR really has to think about if they plan on moving forward:

  1. The obvious legal implications of volunteer submitted work;

Think about a scenario where Stonehearth evolves beyond its current state as a relatively unknown, indie development, and, for arguments sake, ends up being the next “big thing” in gaming with millions of players. At the time of submission, maybe an artist didn’t expect the game to blow up, and will now want some sort of actual compensation for their work considering the user base.

Alternatively, say TR really likes certain aspects of a submitted model (or certain aspects of several submitted models), but they end up changing the model (knowingly or unknowingly) and not recognizing those artists for their contributions.

  1. Dilution of brand and overall cohesion;

Currently, most if not all models in the game have some sort of cohesion with each other because they’ve all been mastered/approved/made by Tom (same art style, colour palettes, etc). When you introduce multiple artists, especially in the manner that a bounty board would generate, you take away from this cohesion.

In addition, outsourcing their work to unpaid volunteers dilutes the brand that TR has already established as a company that has churned out nothing but quality work and labours of love.

  1. Additional responsibilities to the dev team;

Time spent setting up, managing, and reviewing the board would spread an already small team even thinner and take time away from the actually making the game. (This was touched upon in the stream).

I’m not saying that eliciting community work to be incorporated into the game is inherently a bad idea. I’m just saying that there needs to be a lot of thought put into this, and TR needs to ensure that they are fully protected legally.


I’m gonna go ahead and page @Hyrule_Symbol for ya. :blush:


Dude, if you agree to put your models in the game for free (submit it on the thread or send it via email) i dont think that you have any rights to demand money for your work later on. Might be wrong on this one but i am sure TR can arrange it in proper way.

I share your worries about visual separation of those submitted graphiscs, but i also think Tom and whole team is competent enough to make those things fit into game, or modify them if needed.

Lastly, i dont think this would take as much time as it might have seem. Assuming submissions would be put into discourse thread, it would be okay if someone from Team Radiant come once in 2-3 days and check sent models, which shouldn`t take too long. Also keep in mind that modeling itself also takes some time, so if fans cant model something really big (like building or complex crafting station) it would also safe developers some time.


Nice idea but some guides must be written down and the models should respect them. For example, the obvious one is the rule n°1 in Stonehearth, no curves or minimally. Many more things can be asked, like the shadowing and others Tom’s modeling habits we can see in the streams. Scale is also important. All this to keep the overall design by Tom.

OR the models could be post to give Tom some bases on which he could build to save time. But in such case, there would be no credit for the original poster…


Why do no one page me!
I could’ve missed this!
(Thanks Drotten)

I like the idea.

I’m not really a guy that knows all the copyright laws yet, but i can guess that setting some agreements when submitting content might be enough to stop some fuz from happening (less complains perhaps?)

As far as i know, Tom is pretty much the only guy working on models and such right now, and TR is still a pretty small company at the moment, so it feels like a good idea to get some nice help from the community especially in that way (setting a bounty thing)
That way people won’t just submit stuff that ‘they’ Want and insted submit what ‘TR’ Needs.

So yeah!, i’m really positive to this idea, it seems like a good chance for bolth the Creators and the Community!


Been waiting for something like this. This would probably motivate me to pick up Qubicle again. Not that I got tiered of it. I’ve just been prioritizing other things.
Don’t know what kind of art that would be outsourced to the community (gui, concept art or decorative stuff) but I might give that a shot as well.
It could also be a nice motivator to start messing with animations, if TR provides the model and rig.

Fingers crossed that this gets up and running this time. :smile:

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