Smithing Suggestion


To differentiate the different smith’s you could have them craft certain metals.You would start with a basic smith and them upgrade them to either blacksmithing or whitesmithing (Blacksmithing is useful metals such as iron and steel | Whitesmithing is luxury items such as gold and silver that could be used for trade).
The Blacksmithing branch would start with copper and bronze. The next metal would be iron, then steel. The last smith, the magma smith, would be able to smith all the metals and the last material which would be titanium.
The Whitesmithing branch would start with a silversmith, next it would go on to a goldsmith that could smith both metals.


while this is an interesting take on the blacksmith class, im not sure its the direction i would go… i think advancement wouldnt be related to the materials they could use (although you wouldnt want your low level blacksmith handling your precious materials), but rather the complexity of items they could craft…


I don’t think there is enough to justify two branches. The blacksmith could include the ability to smelt precious metals. There wouldn’t be enough of a reason to sacrifice a blacksmith just to make trade items. That’s how I see it anyway.


The original suggestion of hard metal workers and soft metal workers would be closer to reality if we’re going for that sort of thing.
But if you’re going to include a whole separate class for goldsmithing they should be able to unlock new content, I mean I assume we’re not including a specialized psychiatrist class or locksmiths


I was saying it as more of an idea that they can use to get some more ideas about the class, not as a final product.