Master & Apprentice to Classes

From tonight’s development feed, Tom was working on the Bellows for the forge, I was thinking about an Master & Apprentice system. Maybe not now, but a basic one, and for certain classes maybe :S?

Soo, In your town you have a LvL 8 Blacksmith, and a new blacksmith comes to town (LVL 1), with the bellows, and such the apprentice could make ingots (something basic) and the Master Blacksmith can forge the weapons and Armor. But when there is no demand for ingots, the apprentice can Organize the Blacksmith’s Stockpiles, Work the Bellows, the minor duties of the black smith shop. This could also cause the Apprentice to gain small amounts of Experience.

What do you think? Is there any holes? maybe something missing for the concept? Small Tweak?, Opinions?

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