Having apprentice

It would be great to add a apprentice system that heartling without class can learn 2 to 3 things to create but he/she can be apprentice of one class that you chose and every class can only have max of 1 apprentice and that heartling is still considered a builder and it will work as one and it will be great at begining but if you want later on to make that builder into any class that builder that was apprentice of someone can build the things that he/she learned from but that class that he/she is now in will greatly suffer it will need much more time to lvl up and sometime it will have a chance of failing or sometimes forgets or be confused on how to make it for certain amount of secounds and that will stall the work that he/she must do.

I love how you politely put a dot after a sentence with 150 words.

But what’s the point of dual-classing? I either promote a worker to another class or I don’t. Crafter classes often help building/carrying and other classes can often be easily occupied otherwise. There is rarely any downtime to make this necessary. I would rather lose any overview of the skills my hearthlings have.


:slight_smile: it is just so the heartlings would feel more sociable and more imersed with each other because it feels dull

If the devs want to slow down the career advancement and tech pacing, this would be a great way to do it! Having an apprentice watching and learning! Even if it’s simply a lower level crafter watching the more experienced one.

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