Worker Leveling System

So I was playing Stonehearth and building my Weaver, and I thought to myself “Why aren’t there levels for Workers?”. But seriously why isn’t there? It makes a lot of sense for there to be. They should be able to build, and mine faster as they level up. They should also be able to carry more items at once as they level up. I’d like to know what other people think of this idea.


I’ve thought this for a LONG time now.

It is because levels stack across jobs (Richard said he was going to change this at some point).
This means that it gets exponentially harder to gain levels the more levels a hearthling has got in any job.
So if half your hearthlings get level 6 worker before they become a different class you will have to craft hundreds of items on a crafter before even getting one level.

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but that’s only if you’re planning on making them anything besides a worker in the first place. I tend to immediately promote my hearthings the moment I find they’re useful for something specific rather than leaving them to be workers until I find a job for them. low stat hearthilngs are left to be workers while 5-6 stat hearthings get specific jobs immediately which is why I try to plan ahead for the moment I get a new hearthling I can use for something specific.

What about a worker that is going to be your engineer or blacksmith? these guys are definitely going to level a couple of times before getting promoted, and those couple of levels could set you back weeks in game trying to find enough resources so your blacksmith can craft enough equipment to get to level 6.

Also this forces a player to plan ahead and play in a certain style, aka your style just mentioned. Anything that limits a player due to there play style in a game is bad game design. Hence you are not getting worker level unless there is a complete level or class system rework. So you might be in luck considering what the team has said.

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well, blacksmiths don’t require any level specifically to become one, you just need a blacksmith hammer. which is far easier to get now than it was in previous builds. in older builds, you had to train a hearthling up to level 2 Mason to make it a blacksmith. NOW the blacksmith isn’t part of that job tree anymore you only need to make the mason level 4 to get the hammer made, and then voila any hearthling can become a blacksmith. that takes far less time than you could imagine it taking and by the time the hammer is made the hearthling worker you’d want to make a blacksmith is able to become one, their level won’t hurt their growth as a blacksmith nearly as much as it would have if they were a level 4 Mason which is required to make the hammer in the first place.

What alpha was that in?
Blacksmith has always been its own branch whilst I’ve played.

Also if you have a mason level 4 surely all your workers would be at least level 4 if they had been kept busy?

“Hey bob”
“Oh hi Dave”
“Why aren’t you doing any work?”
"I can’t I’m suppose to become an archer next month, so if I do work now I’ll still be an apprentice when I’m 50"
“Have we had this conversation before?”
“Naa but I think someone on the discourse has…”

In the time it takes to get a Level 4 mason, your workers will probably have done at least as much work. So it would be hard to level a new Blacksmith unless you promoted a new villager - and I find most of my new villagers seem to have a pretty low mind stat.

I’ve always been a fan of the idea of a new “specialized worker” class to avoid some of these problems, myself.

A: Not necessarily it depends on what you’re attempting to do in your playthrough. and

B: even if all hearthlings by that point were level 4 a level 4 worker upgraded to blacksmith is still less difficult to train than a level 4 Mason to Blacksmith which by that point most likely was also level 4+ in pottery since Potter is required to become a Mason first and not everyone immediately upgrades their potter if they don’t have another hearthling to replace the potter initially.

and finally C: pre-Alpha 20 the Blacksmith was the third job in the crafting branch starting with Potter, Mason, Blacksmith, Engineer. So you can imagine with the current level system having been in place at the same how difficult it was to get to a blacksmith originally vs the present.

This is definitely fake news.

LOL right fake news. I’ve been playing since Alpha 16 so i can attest to this as fact. At least if you were playing Raayas Children.

You need a level 2 potter to get a mason as rayyas.
This has nothing to do with the blacksmith.

The job trees are identical for except that potter and mason are swapped for rayyas.

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in the current build of the game, they are identical. in previous builds, they weren’t. what part of this don’t you understand?

Uhm sorry, but no.
There is a mod that makes the blacksmith a tier 3 job. But I never saw it in any other position, only as tier 1.

Anyway, I’m sincerely against workers having levels, not because levels accumulate through different jobs, but simple because it is not needed. Besides, we can easily consider a worker as having no class, so no levels.

hmmm maybe it was the mods i had that caused it then for me…i don’t recall it being a 1st tier job for me prior to the mods tho.

Would be nice to have the option of equiping the workers with backpacks, miningpicks, constructionbelts… just like their upgraded worker outfit. That way you could kind of specialize them in one of the three branches? (Hauling, mining and building).
Then the issue with levels would not interfere :merry:

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Good point, except that you won’t have the same control over who gets to specialize in what way as you do when you promote hearthlings. If it is going to work like worker outfits, (i.e, armor), thn you can order a hearthling to becaume specialized in building, but you won’t b able to order Poni Burlyhands to specialize in building. The onlybthing you can do is hope that Poni Burlyhands will pick up the specializing suit after it is made.

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Alpha 22 ascendancy

Alpha 22 Rayya’s

Alpha 16

Alpha 10

Back in the day Stonehearth

Anyway, more equipment for everyone is needed not just the workers. I’d like to see new tools and stuff for all the crafters that they equip like the combat class equipment, level requirements and such.
Maybe it will come with the effort based crafting.


You are quite right on this. But if the developers give us the option to specify the equipment on individual hearthlings, as many have been asking for, then the option will become viable.
I guess that feature is just as much a wish, as the promotion of the workerclass :merry:


I already wrote this kind of post here Workers level ability