How does leveling work?

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So I wanted to ask how the leveling mechanic works exactly. Browsing through the responses of the linked topic it appears as though Hearthlings of a craft level as their “base level” levels up…so if I had a level 5 mason and decided to make them a tailor it would take longer for them to level up tailoring because their base level will already be at 5.

Is this right? I should probably test it out myself but I always thought that job experience was independant of Hearthling base experience…maybe not since we’re still in Alpha :wink:

That is the way it works currently, yes. It takes a certain amount of experience to gain a level, and that amount goes up with every level. Additionally, your hearthlings gain a skill related to their job with each new level. Therefore, a level 5 carpenter that was changed to a footman must gain all the experience it takes to go from level 5 to level 6 in order to gain the first footman skill. :smile:

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Each worker has an XP pool. As soon as the accumulated experience exceeds a threshold, a level up is gained and the next perk in the current worker’s job unlocked.

What exactly yields XP is not defined and differs from job to job; footmen get experience by hitting stuff, crafters usually get experience by crafting things, farmers get XP by crop (which may differ per crop type)…

Your level is not limited; i.e. you can be a weaver from level 1 to 5 and then a blacksmith from 6 to 10. The worker will be level 5 in both jobs, his personal level will be 10.

The formula that is required for a level up may differ from job to job; so technically I suppose it could be possible to have lesser requirements for “advanced” units (i.e. instead of requiring 6400 XP to get to level 1 blacksmithing, it could cost 3200 if your level is above 5).


Right now, this may be a bit of an inconvenience, but further down the road, when towns last more than a few hours, this is a really nice way to balance out the issue of job switching.

One thing that it does mean is that it will take substantially longer to level high end jobs, IE shepherd. Their abilities should probably be adjusted to make sure they are suitably rewarding for needing so long to achieve.

Anyways, I didn’t know this was how it worked, and now I do, so yay! Now just implement the rest of the stats!

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I was going to say…the next time I want a shepard i’ll be sure to change the job as soon as they’ve met the requirements O_O

I agree! I think this is a good way to balance it…for now. And I do recall Tom talking about figuring out a good way to balance stuff…awesome

Thanks for the help discourse community! You guys rock!!!

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