Leveling Up Balancing

With some jobs, leveling up seems to happen at a normal pace. In these jobs, I get level 1 fairly quickly, and level 2 within a week for sure, but higher levels may take some time (and a lot of work). This includes jobs like the trapper, carpenter, farmer, weaver, mason, and blacksmith. So, almost all of them (so far).

With some jobs, getting level one is all but guaranteed to take more than a week, and even a 60-day game doesn’t produce a level 3. This includes the footman. Even worse, footman is the one job (or one of two, if you count the farmer) that you need to have more than one of, so the leveling up is split between them.

Why is the footman so much harder to level up than their counterparts? This isn’t intentional, is it?

On a semi-related note, why can’t workers level up? Simply increasing their HP might be enough of a boost for them, and maybe walking speed at the higher levels.

It SHOULDN’T be easy to get high level people or they will just level up fully quickly and suck all the fun and progression out.
Considering the leveling abilities 3 levels is actually very high leveled.

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You don’t even need one farmer.

I wonder if it has to do with the fact that few enemies have been added so far. Zombies shouldn’t give much xp, while killing something like a dragon should give a ton.

If you level up as a worker, you can’t get that same level up as a different job (it would be nice if your level for each class was completely independent). So if you have a level 2 worker and switch it to mason, then you can only get 4 level us as a mason. With worker being the default, that could be a bit of an issue?

The combined level thing is a big reason why you wouldnt want to level up workers. The upgraded outfits is a much better way to handle that.

Overall, balance in leveling is a bit irrelevant right now. No one has their full skill tree yet, and most of those that have any skills at all have a lot that are non-functional. Once we get to the point where you don’t crash after two days, or have your workers go braindead, then they can probably do another pass.

As for footman leveling, it is more because they have to whack things with their swords to get xp. The rest of the classes can just have work queued up for them and they will level that way, but the footman has to actually get into combat. I kinda prefer it this way, but with no clue of the scope and scale of the final game, I can’t say if this will change or not.

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The entire leveling up process should not be easy, but the 1st level should be and the 2nd level should not be hard. Don’t forget you are going to have to upgrade new people to these positions (especially footmen) and they’ll have to level up as well. I’d be fine if classes like carpenter took 40+ days to get to level 6 if classes like footmen (who seek out danger that could kill them) could easily get to level 2 within 30 days

This needs to happen…
Maybe also making them more skilled?

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