Subclasses for the Worker class?

The worker class is the starter class for all hearthlings. From that point, they can go in all directions. But then I thought: Isn’t worker already a job class? And why shouldn’t hearthlings be able to further specialice as a worker? It would make sense, since at some point, a large amount of your community will be worker. So I want to suggest subclasses for the worker:

To summarize worker subclasses:

  • 3 subclasses: Builder, Gatherer, Miner
  • Subclasses prefer doing the job of their subclass, but can still do all basic jobs
  • Subclasses gain levels and abilities, to further enhance their job capabilities
  • Subclasses can equip equipment for their subclass, also further enhancing their job capabilities

Reason for suggestion: Right now, you can’t really decide on what job your hearthlings work on. If you construct a building and told your hearthlings to gather something, they will prefer one thing over another. For example: You need some flower to make some very needed potions but your hearthlings go to construct the building. Ofc you can just stop the building order or deactivate building/mining in the hearthling menu but that’s alot of micromanagement at some point, especially if alot is going on in endgame. So subclasses could help that your hearthling actively work on all jobs simultaneously without canceling any building projects or having to deactivate certain jobs in the hearthling menu. Also important is, that the hearthlings can now get better at their job (which makes sense, ofc) and therefore you may need less worker hearthlings, because (for example) 2 specialized builders are as fast as 4 normal workers who work on a building.


I read you, and for help the only way to get different behaviors for now is to tick checkboxes under the town > groups tab.
You can assign builders or haulers by an example, but no miners…

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