Class Idea - Builder

So the Class idea will be builder and I will give some examples to why making your all in worker to focus on building is worth it.

So the idea behind this class is that the builder will be able to build faster and later on advance to another job that will be something like Expert builder and unlock special designs and such.

The builder should get something like this :
level 0 builder - More inventory space for building materials.
level 1 builder - Faster block place.
level 2 - faster climbing rate on ladders
level 3 - faster scaffolding builder
level 4 - faster scaffolding remover
level 5 - Faster movement speed.
level 6 - Job opportunity.(Expert builder)

Expert builder:
Level 1 - More holding space.
Level 2 - Unlock the ability to build / design bridges with special template designer thingy.
Level 3 - Unlock new building skills/designs.
Level 4 - Boost nearby Hearthlings. (faster building , longer building without the need to eat or sleep).
Level 5 - Faster movement speed.
Level 6 (Master Builder) - Unlock Drawbridge / (not sure how to say it) wall entry (allow to make a close able wall entrance that hearthlings can open but enemys can’t.

Of course you can take this idea with levels and what they give to any place you want but I think this class will be useful.

(with possibility for more advanced building job(tier 3) to unlock different designs you might implement to the game.

Thanks for reading.


That sounds like a great idea and I think it would be possible to do this as a mod. :slight_smile:

That’s something I wanted too and I thought that you can do
it with tools and for more than just building!

it would help if you could assign with some way what tools
he would take ( like arrows for archers )

if he would have

  • an axe he would cut faster trees

  • a cart he would transfer more goods in one go

  • a hammer and nails could build faster

  • pick axe mine faster

and I could go on :slight_smile:

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That’s a nice idea in general not related to builder actually , making worker be able to pick up tools for the upcoming job he is planning to do.