Architect Class?

I know you have all these complicated building plans and I seriously look forward to them but if you think about real life, not just anyone can build large complicated buildings. So my suggestion would be an architect, who, once he joined you, would allow you to be able to build multiple floors, etc. but until then you were stuck with more basic things.

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Interesting idea, as you level him up you could unlock more and more complicated designs and perhaps structural pillars could be further and further apart as the architect’s level increased. I’m not sure how easy it would be to integrate into the current building code, but this is certainly a cool idea :+1:

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Just to add on, maybe it can be the next step after the mason class. You just craft some blue prints and give it to a mason.

i like the general idea as well… we’ve heard mention of blueprints as well, so perhaps this unit would be a necessary advancement in order to be able to blueprint and quickly re-create previous buildings you had constructed…


I like this idea as well. He might even be away of sharing your building ideas with your friends.

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I wonder if they’ll add crane support and stuff when making bigger sized en more advanced building. To speed up the building process.

Maybe this will be an architect boost as well, that when an “architect” type character is directly involved with the building process that he/she might give it a little speed boost?

I am really not sure about this. But it would be great to have a experience gain for every activity. From fishing, forging (quick question is smithing a word you can use for forging?) and of course also building a house.
To have a carpenter evolving would be the right and natural thing to do, because the architect is the first carpenter (if you translate it from the Greek).
Also you have to keep in mind that building a high house is not a big trick. Having a great spread is the big trick in architecture. And of course the ornament.
The spread, the ornament (or the arrangement of it, because they did not do it by themselves) combined with the compendium or the organisation of the building is what a architect did in this times.

I don’t think an architect class would work, because you, the player, are the architect. once u recruit an architect, hell just sit somewhere and do nothing, which seems very boring to me.
so unless you’ll be able to find something logical for the architect to do, it won’t work.

agreed… but thats the case for every unit type… unless there is some fun to be had, and something distinctive for the unit to do/provide, there would be no point…

Maybe he is how you unlock different building styles and using different materials for buildings. Without architects we would still have every houses made out of straw and mud. Instead now we have stone, wood, steel, concrete, etc etc…along with the ability to build bigger style homes if you didn’t have an architect you wouldn’t be able to build simple guard towers let alone anything more advanced like a castle. It could add a level of complexity.

If radiant adds it great, if not it would probably make a descent mod.

Which is the beautiful thing about this game. You can mod in just about anything you want. To make it easier or harder based on how you want to play it.

Just my 2 cents here but maybe the architect could create and store blueprints that you could use if you wanted to place a load of building that looked exactly the same? So basically he would store saves of previously made buildings for you to plonk down later.

I’m not fully convinced that I would need an architect. Like, come on, how hard could it be right? :wink2:
I’m sharing @Nico concerns a bit. In a bad implementation the architect would give stat boosts and give the player more options, but he wouldn’t do any real work himself.

I think it would be good to combine the role of architect and leader of the construction site. @Ghost mentioned a speed boost and I’m thinking the same thing, only sort of the opposite. In the videos we’ve seen that workers are very efficient. Everyone knows where to go and what to do (unless there’s a bug). The only way to make them more efficient, in a realistic way, would be to give them better tools or to have a guy with a whip that “motivates” them. I would suggest that this is how efficient they are if there is an architect/construction leader present. If there isn’t they will be less efficient, not because they would walk slower or anything like that, but because they would be less organised. They could make mistakes, like placing blocks wrong so that they have to be repositioned, or carry stone from the stock pile even though all the stone walls are done. They could stand still, pointing and looking at the building, trying to figure out what to do next, having discussions and arguments about it. An architect would sort this out, holding up blueprints and shouting orders.
I like the thought of this. It would make the people feel more alive and less controlled by the hive mind.

I sort of like the idea that the architect gives access to more advanced building options, as long as it is not too limited from the start and you don’t have to build a bunch of simple buildings that you don’t need just to level up your architect. It would be a good way to hide advanced option for new players until they are ready. However, since you are not building entire buildings with a single purpose, like most rts-games, it gets a bit harder to say what to count as advanced and it depends a lot on how the building mechanic will work in the final game.