Architect for Archmod: help needed

So I decided Archmod will need the abandoned Architect class implemented. Number of recipes added by the mod requires a dedicated workshop and doesn’t fit the Mason’s array of products. The thing is I’ve never modded in a new class. Are the leftover outfits for the Architect unique (does any character wear them in any circumstances?) and were they intended for the class or just placeholders?

The basic idea is to clone the Mason, disable mining and replace the art. The problem starts with buff modding which I have never done before.

At lvl 3 I wanted to add an aura speeding up building construction of all the Lings in given radius (strategic use: move Architect’s workshops next to construction site so he’s present nearby and buffs the builders) and I have no idea if it is even possible.

For lvl 5 buff I wanted to provide crafting speed increase, so objects take half the usual time to be crafted. Again, no idea how to do that but seems much easier than construction speed aura.

So, if someone could guide me with the buffs I’d be really grateful.

The outfit is the old model (I think it is a recolor of the old carpenter)

The level 3 buff can be done maybe copying from the cleric aura buffs. Not sure what would be a good change to impact it, as just walking speed will probably not affect the building process. I guess you would want them placing more blocks at once.

The level 5 I’m not sure if it is possible without rewriting the crafting system as currently it is hardcoded to use the recipe item effort as time (multiplied by a few modifiers like mood or tiredness)

You could monkey-patch CrafterComponent:get_work_rate().


Is it possible to define custom work effects? I need to make a copy of chisel effect but with architect’s tools instead of mason’s but I keep getting errors.

EDIT: OK, got it, I wasn’t aware it is possible to create paths and indices in stonehearth namespace by overriding non-existent objects.