Classes that should be implemented

This a general topic of what should be added and fix ect.

Preferably they will make building buildings work and being able to see into a several story building.
It would also be nice with pre-defined pieces to build from such as digging ramps, stairs etc.

yeah good point as it would make mining easier.

it could be a nice touch if they had it so you can construct them for you buildings

What type of classes should be added

i just went into the game files and found 9 new unfinished jobs!!!

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a second path for the herbalist, maybe a medic. If the Cleric is for battle, the medic could bring people back to life or carry low health people back to the village. We could implement a “down” feature, where someone is such low health they are unable to do anything.


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concept art for the fire elemental, water elemental, earth and air elementals tombs + the prior stage, the mage tomb.

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Something that would be cool is promotions within classes. Say a cook reaches level 10 and they can be promoted to chef.

Or Hero promotions, an Archer reaches max level so you can promote them to Ranger. Cleric promoted to Paladin. And you could balance it by only having one Hero per class.

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classes should be abolished in place of a system that separates

  • skills/attributes (determine HOW GOOD/BAD you do something)
  • actions (actially DOING something, which require skills and attributes, and also “trains” them according to the action. e.g. Some action requires skills/attributes but doesn’t really train them, and vice versa )
  • task (something that NEED to be done. requires actions that can achieve it)
  • job (whether you SHOULD actually perform a task. Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you need to or should do it)

i.e. what we currently known as “class” is nothing but a list of checkboxes against tasks that the “class” is supposed to do or not. With this system, we can actually create new custom classes by just allowing/disallowing (or in more general terms, setting priority for) tasks that the class can perform (i.e. whether it is the class’s job to do a task). Instead of introducing “new classes” with fixed set of behavior, we can simply introduce new Tasks and Actions, and perhaps a template Job (which can be customized by player). Want a hearthling that crafts wood as a primary job, farms when he doesn;t need to, and helps haul stuff when he is free? NOW YOU CAN!

EDIT: a similar concept to the “hero” status is simply reaching heroic levels in one of the attributes/skills and can exists for every skill/attribute. Any “abilities” should be dependent on the attribute/skill level too.