Architect role ideas

In the last stream Twitch someone ask about the architect and what hes role is. My suggestion is a bit different.

  1. he can make blueprints for objects that other crafter can build, these blueprints should be bigger than average objects for this to count.


  1. He can build pre-made blueprints faster than a worker

What do you mean, exactly?

Just as a #3 for your post… maybe the architect can be the only hearthling capable of building improved scaffolding? So that second and third floors need an architect? And normal scaffolding only reaches up to ground-level wall height.

Another possibility thrown around is a potential ‘overseer’ type of class, that acts as an advanced builder whose strongest perks are seen when placed in a party of workers. Potential perks could include things like faster building, a chance to save basic resources, or unique/improved constructions. Not sure how the last one can be currently implemented, we need to see worker parties implemented first to see how it works first.

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i like the idea, though perhaps he/she shouldnt be the only person who builds 2 story (and higher) scaffolding, other wise construction would go pretty slowly.

instead you could have it so that the hearthlings arent “smart” enough to make second story scaffolding untill you have an architect, once you do they are able to make second story and higher scaffolding/buildings. this could also be made so that as the architect levels up more complex building types are “unlocked”.

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i was thinking in objects like big archways, fountains, decorated pillars, and other objects used to decoration of big buildings. Like those