I saw the other day that mod for builders 2x speed. What if devolepers add levels for builders/workes but they get it very slow.

This has been suggested before (levels for workers leading to increased speed/HP), and the idea has gained some popularity. I have yet to see TR comment on it personally, though.


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Well, here’s a couple things to consider.

  1. Body Stat and Speed attribute. If you keep these high on your workers, they will move faster.

  2. Roads. Hearthlings move faster on roads.

  3. Worker outfits. The upgraded worker outfits make your workers faster.

So those three things already increase the speed in which your workers will grab building materials and get to the building site as well as moving around the building and scaffolding.


Thanks for thinking about it, everyone! Workers have no levels because our level system rewards specialization, and we didn’t want people to accidentally level up in their default class and then have trouble specializing later. Instead, we implemented worker speed buffs via equipment, like the Worker Outfit 2.


ah yes, i totally over looked that fact :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Perhaps “worker” levels could be the one and only exception to the “level up” rule - they get levels by Exp, but those levels don’t hurt progression in any other career choice.