Worker spacialization

basicly my idea is to let workers gain exp in all the three main aspects: hauling, mineing and building

to make the micromanegement more meaningful.

they should still be able to help eachother out but the most efficient way is to let everyone do what he is best at.

what would them make useful as they level up each tree:

set basic animation slightly lower for mineing and let them improve block/animation 1 up to 3
plus, increase "dropchance"
masterprefession, at a certain point to unlock new items craftable for miners. (minecart, tunnel lamps, miners helmet…)

pretty simple, set basic capacity on 2 and let them improve up to 4/5
plus, increased movement speed
masterprofession, at a certain point to unlock recepies for specific items ( worker outfit, boots, backpack, wheelbarrow…)

multiblock building set to 2, improvable to 4/5
plus, enable profession of a masterbuilder, who unlocks improved building options like more special roovetops f.ex.

love :slight_smile:


oh no replies, just the two likes, thats somthing :kissing_cat:

now, I dont post much stuff so I’m a bit confused, is this nonesense? is it not important at current state of the game? Or does it just feel like a brainfart of some newbieposter? :frowning:

Would it be to much of minmaxing having even more micro management? For me, I’d love to have somthing like this, therefore the first hour(s) of the game are most enjoyable IMO, there is a lot to manage and plan. where in later game its more about magnificent buildings and filling your town with life/war^^ Where the master professions would bring some more variety.

I like the idea of adding extra jobs to further specialise the worker job. I agree that mining and hauling could do with a specialisation, maybe adding something like donkeys (or some pack varanus) to increase carry capacity for the haulers. It would be really cool to be able to further specialise and optimize your village this way.

For the builders however, I feel these advantages could be included in the already existing potter, carpenter and mason. After all, why would someone working with wood, stone or clay not be better in making houses out of these materials compared to somebody who just picks up premade bricks and places them.

Furthermore, locking specific building features behind classes might be really annoying if you wanted a specific build style for your complete village. I already hate not being able to at least place the ghosted versions of furniture i can’t make yet (which would then be filled in later), so complete roof or wall styles (which could be made block by block anyway) would be even more irritating.


The thought around this is seems valid, but i guess the effects you think about is already implemented in other ways?
Lets say that you choose a worker with 2 body stat versus one with 6? the effect on the one with 6 will be that the hearthling moves faster and for a longer period of time before needing rest.
The new trait system comes into play here aswell, where a hearthling with a trait to carry more could be chosen? or a pasionate worker would be thrilled to keep working through the nigth?

The ideas you describe is defintly something that could be pushed even further in the current system :merry:


yess I see its a very rough suggestion i made there, but we can collect some more ideas to improve it.

What you guys mentioned about overlapsing buffs, I cant count this! IMO a game like this needs different options to stack buffs in several ways.

(in case we ad this stuff i mentioned) If I send a hearthling for hauling and he has the backpack trait, after some lvling he reaches a capacity of 6 what makes me super excited as he started at 2. As long it is not about 25…
Or same for movementspeed!
max out and seeing a difference thats what makes me happy :slight_smile:

Lets say a masters profession in each of the three worker “types” sounds good.

The benefits from master builder were not much useful, so I’ll add some new ideas here.

master builder:

  • impoved multyblock building
  • unlocks luxery items for large scale buildings like manor house, castel or palace… (throne, warrior statue for mason / red carpet for weaver / royal furniture set for carpenter and poter)
  • more specific building options like: spiralstaircase or bridges