Worker specialties and another priorities post

Anyone else thing that workers should have specialties? Some mine faster or higher chance to find ores, some build faster or with less materials used, and some haul faster with increased movement speed? Of course this could be done in different ways. Either with a sidestep in the class tree, or just with items and like with the quiver, you can just click the item that is helpful. The items seems like the obvious route and easier route. There needs to be 1 other thing changed along with it though. Workers that specialize in an area need to prioritize those jobs over the other 2. The miner specialist shouldn’t be building unless there is nothing marked to mine, things like that.

Speaking of priorities, I think it would be awesome to allow people to prioritize however they like. I am picturing a tab or just a section in the current “c” popup under the checkmarks with a 0-5 setting and a + and - button. 0 being off, and 5 being the highest priority. You can currently check/uncheck whether you want to do something, but what if you could change the priority of each thing. This mostly comes into play during late game with multiples of each job. Say I have 3 blacksmiths. I could have 2 prioritize their job, while the other prioritizes mining first and smithing second. Currently I’d have to unclick job every time I want him to mine, then reclick job when there’s nothing to mine. This would be really helpful to farmers too. Turn hauling to a low priority while farming a high priority so that they only haul when they have nothing to farm, but not having to click hauling every time they go idle.

I am not a programmer, but in my simple mind this might help processing speeds too. It checks for highest priority first, then only has to check the highest priority jobs instead of checking every possible job it can do. But I could be wrong and it might make it worse, that’s why I don’t get paid the big bucks…

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In terms of Hearthlings being more suited for certain jobs, I’d rather see the existing three stats affect their jobs. So physical jobs are more reliant on their body. The benefits of being more suited to a job currently wouldn’t make a lot of sense. If in future we have more aspects affecting workers it might make more sense. For example if more “idle” animations are added, so craftslings need to take a second to stretch or wipe sweat away more and more often as the day progresses, thus slightly affecting their efficiency. A hearthling more suited to the job would do this less often. I think this kind of thing is more preferable to something like the actual construction animation for making an item taking half a second less or something.


I guess we will just disagree, everything I type out just sounds like I want to argue, and I don’t want to do that.