Task Priorities

There needs to be a way to set and order these on a per-settler basis.


RimWorld’like? Nice idea!

Rimworld is not the only game to make use of task priority, but I agree that it would be much appreciated. Where it could be implemented is in the same menu where you can check mark what you want your hearthlings to do or not do. Instead of check marks, just put priority numbers. This is not as important right now as I can just tell them to do or not do tasks.

Except gathering loot or picking up ore/rock. There seems to be no way to get them to do that.

I typically place a chest close to the loot and tell them to focus on Haul - this typically do the trick for me.
Later I can simply tell them to move the chest back to base.


oh i soooooooooooo agree
honestly, this was the first thing that bugged me when starting this game, not setting priorities

but this will probably be something that will come when they completly finish the ai in its whole

Either that or a routine schedule would be neat

I would like to have as much options i can on each heartling, will it be mining in a sertain spot while other mining in another area. Could be goup assigned like the Combat groups , you make a mining group / harvesting group and send them out doing tasks.


yeah, but that probably wont be a thing, since they want to refrain as much as possible from becoming an “rts” game

priorities maybe, grouping ? probably not

You used to be able to group anyone into parties and send them places, but I don’t think that’s coming back.

If they dont do either grouping or more options on what each heartling do at the moment, we have to limit ourselves with the tasks we are setting on them and especially when starting fresh when setting up the first few days of tasks. Im do not want to destroy the chatter and the individual of the heartling i just want the worker to focus on one job and what i deem to be the most prioritized for that heartling or group, if the group decides to go sit down infront of a fire… i wont be angry but its the tasks that they just dont do and i have to go back, canseling tasks or remove instructions just to make them focus on getting the gold mine so i can get economic freedom.


it would be nice if you could drag the tasks (left to right) in the bar much like you do with the crafting que (up and down).
One Hearthling could be: mining, hauling, job, build
Another could be: job, hauling, build, mining