Task Priority Management

Not sure if this has been suggested yet or if it’s already planned for future development, but what I would like to see is a method of managing the task priorities of each worker. So for example, as far as I can see, the standard priority of hearthlings tasks when there are tasks stacked; you have Harvesting as highest priority. Building second. Mining third. Moving items to the stockpile fourth. (Possibly wrong there somewhere, but it’s a general idea)

What I think would be cool is if you could change these priorities per hearthling, so one will prioritise gathering, while another may prioritise building, and another mining. (And when there’s nothing for them to do for that task, they move on to their 2nd priority that you set for them).
An old game I used to play, Startopia, had this sort of thing for the Scuzzers where you could order the priority of their routine tasks. (repairs, cleaning, construction, gathering)

Overall it would lead to a more productive and cooperatively organised community of hearthlings :slight_smile:

Another suggestion on the side: Possibly (similar to the trapping grounds) if you could set up a patrol square where soldiers will guard on their routine patrols (i.e. Manually be able to set up patrol routes/areas). That would be pretty nifty too! :smile:

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