Worker Effeciency

Hey so I had an idea as I’ve been playing this AMAZING game so far…oh and CAN’T WAIT FOR MORE! Anywho, back to the topic, I was wondering if it would be possible to work on the AI for workers making a building. I noticed that sometimes two workers will be “racing” with each other to build the same wall or a worker will build the wall and then start building the the next level of scaffolding as another worker is waiting till it’s done. I mean it may not be exactly like that but it would be nice if they worked together more. Like one worker would build scaffolding as another worker was building the wall right behind him. Not sure of anything else that could be improved and it’s not a NECESSITY but I LOVE seeing minor details in games and that would be one that would impress me a lot if I hadn’t suggested it and I saw it in the game.

Keep up the good work guys REALLY looking forward to what’s down the pike!!!


I have seen this happen a few times with my Workers when 1 is building the Scaffolding and the other is placing the Wall, but I guess its random you know?

Oh yeah I know it’s random and it’s probably part of the pathfinding just saying it would be a nice minor detail to see in the game. It would help make building faster but it would be really neat to see the villagers working together.

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Pretty much. Make several farm zones and watch your farmers wander all over the place tilling it all :wink: .

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This would be nice. I don’t really know how the development process goes but this sounds like something that would come with other streamlining and polishing after more of the major features are out? I guess it depends on if they would have to work on core systems like the path-finding much, or if it would be just a tweak.

Honestly the game is going great and all the new content is awesome but the game is still quite early feature/playability wise. There are a lot of stupid workers and new bugs every release(which is totally normal). I don’t imagine they would not have this by the release.

Oh yeah it would definately be more of a polish item. Just a suggestion for somewhere down the road :wink: