Some Suggestions

Here is a list for some temporary bug fix suggestions and other suggestions.

  • For the workers stop working bug I suggest a way to reset a current task that particular worker is on.
  • Show what task the worker is currently doing in the character bio screen.
  • Have a list of queued tasks and give the player the ability to reorder the priority and cancel tasks.
  • Give the players the ability to deconstruct objects like chairs and tables back into their base resource(s).
  • Mean bed to require hay.
  • Once farming gets implemented give the player the ability to grow and harvest hay.
  • Give the player the ability to have the carpenter do other work when the carpenter is not building things. The open/close button in the carpenter window could be used for this instead of just for the jobs queued up. This probably wont matter once the player has the ability to get more workers but in the beginning of the game the player needs as many workers as possible.

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