My Suggestions -

  • List queued jobs and be able to set priority and be able to cancel jobs
  • Time speeds (Pause, Slow, Normal, Fast, and Faster)
  • Maintain x amount of wood, stone, berries.
  • Day/Night cycles seem a bit short.

I think the short day / night cycle may be a bug as other people have already reported it being so

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I believe this is desired.

This is on the roadmap as a feature to be implemented, so this should make it in!

I’m not really sure how that would work. They currently have implemented a maintain x amount of chairs feature, but it only works for craftables. I think this stuff you really should just be monitoring.

Yeah, there’ve been reports about this and they know there to be something up. Hopefully should be easy enough to patch up, maybe for Alpha 2! :slight_smile:

Agree that a list of current tasks would be helpful, also a way to move them up and down a list to encourage your workers to complete those first.

Hope to see some different weather effects and season, perhaps have different creatures come out with different weather/seasons.

Being able to right click a worker and assign a task, such as worker 1 - collect berries, worker 2 - chop wood, worker 3 - mine ore. (perhaps have it reset at the end of the day)

edit:- Two more, make the simple room bigger as right now you can barely even fit a bed in there :smile:

I noticed in the road map you have no forager, fishermen or farmers, these would be a nice addition to the class list, perhaps you have that in mind already just thought I’d mention it anyway.
Perhaps even add a cook which could have status effects from eating their food such as speed, atk, def etc.

As far as classes go i know Team Radiant is being secretive to give us some surprises. But here is a good place to find some of the proposed classes. Or at least some that are being considered

[quote=“Smokestacks, post:3, topic:4543”]

I’m not really sure how that would work. They currently have implemented a maintain x amount of chairs feature, but it only works for craftables. I think this stuff you really should just be monitoring.[/quote]

If by stuff you mean the chairs and other crafted items than I agree. I see no reason why I would want to have x amount of chairs on hand at all times.

However, having x amount of consumables on hand at all times will be very helpful once your town grows and has the ability to have different types of consumables.

No I didn’t mean that. It doesn’t work to have maintain x amount of wood, because it isn’t craftable. Things like wood I think you should be monitoring, after all you do get a counter in the top-right telling you how much you have (even if it is currently quite buggy), and I think things like that are up to you to keep an eye on. What I’ll use the feature for probably is to keep maybe 2 swords and 2 shields spare at all times, so I can quickly get soldiers should I need them (assuming that’s how it works).

I understand that they are not craftables. What I am saying is it would make sense to maintain a consumable item versus a non consumable item. Considering non consumables do not go away after any amount of uses. Once I craft two swords they will be there until I either equip or sell them. (if some kind of market gets implemented) I am not saying have one or the other, being able to have x amount of any item in the game (craftables or not) at all times is a good idea. Once more crafting centers and resources are added to the game this ability will be needed in order to maintain any village.

It all really depends on how the combat system and gaining villagers is going to work. If gaining villagers is random than yes I would maintain at least 2 of some kind of weapon and armor. If when attacked my villagers equip themselves automatically I would have maintain the amount of villagers I have plus two. If I have to equip them myself I would build enough for everyone then equip them. (If this is the case hopefully villagers can work while equipped with a weapon and armor.)

But I’m just saying that I don’t think things like wood should be maintainable, it would be too easy :stuck_out_tongue: plus it would likely get annoying; you know how much wood you have and are fine with it, your people are busy gathering food and one’s crafting something important, however due to the lack of wood they all reprioritise and go and do now what you’d have got them to do afterwards. I really just think it shouldn’t be maintainable. :stuck_out_tongue:

My first suggestion would fix it. A list of all jobs currently queued with the ability to move them up or down. Top being priority 1. New jobs are sent to the bottom of the list.

But…but…I just don’t think it’s that hard to monitor, and I think it is something that you should keep an eye on. I think there’s just a divide of opinion here. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree (only 13 characters to go)

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