Suggestions! (For Craftsmen)

I was actually noticing that I had an annoyance where I like to spread out my workers do to just habit of the map and not being able to just clump them up. I spread them out, Blacksmith, Mason etc etc in the caves. I had noticed the Blacksmith run to the pile that was on the other side of the village to where my carpenter was filling the storage pile. I felt like it would have been really cool to just link storage piles to individual craftsmen/jobs if you needed to rush some things in the heat of the moment or just had a pet peeve of noticing your villagers run across the villageā€¦ In short terms, linking jobs to certain piles would be an awesome thing because it would allow more variety in placement and less time wasted in fortifying your village. Just a thought and an unorganized paragraph so thanks for reading and sorry for being bad at organization :smiley: