[Dup] Priority Stockpiles

Hello there.
Just leaving a small idea for stockpiles.

I feel as though the community could benefit from having the ability to give certain stockpiles priority over others. Just having a number with up/down or left/right arrows [such as with crafting] and then having the citizens check the higher prioritized stockpiles for space first seems like it’d work fine. When the villagers have spare time, the last thing on their list, just after moving items into the stockpiles in the first place, would be moving things from lower priority stockpiles into higher priority stockpiles. I constantly find myself having trouble keeping enough wood near my carpenter’s house, and have to keep removing my larger wood stockpile just long enough for them to fill the nearby one, then re-creating it. The ability to move materials between the stockpiles more efficiently seems as though it would be a fine addition to the game.

Sorry ahead of time if this is a similar post to anyone else’s.
Thanks for any consideration of the idea.


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