Stockpile priority! NEEDED feature

I just bought stonehearth a few days ago and am loving the game. Of course with most people, we have our gripes with this game and I certainly do. Probably my biggest gripe is with the stockpile system not having any priority. I have played a game called rim world for 2-3 years now and in rimworld, you can set the priority of the stockpile to be set to one of the following; critical, important, preferred, normal, low. I really like this system because it is simple but allows you to do so much more with stockpiles. I have read other threads about this topic but they suggest things that are a bit too complex for a casual player. What I am suggesting allows you to specify an area for a type of item but still lets you have some sort of overflow or main stockpile for it if the specific area is full. Also, I am happy with the current filter on stockpiles but if it could me more specific for the items, that would help too.

I don’t think this would be too difficult to implement and would add a lot. If anyone reading has a better idea like this I would love to know. I really enjoy this game and would love to see it grow.


Sounds like a good idea. I haven’t played RimWorld but even just a couple levels of importance could be helpful. I have chests everywhere nicely placed, and my single stockpile in the middle stays empty for the most part. If I notice stuff laying around I just put another chest down near the other one that must be full. I have more than enough room everywhere for chests so it really doesn’t bother me to not have this, but still sounds nice. I do wish the filter could be more detailed. My weaver’s chest (storage not body part) getting full of herbalist herbs is annoying at times, and animal feed not having their own specific filter is a little annoying as well. I’d like to have animal feed not put in the same crate as my pot pie!


@paragouldgamer, there exists the Better Stockpiles mod which adds more filter categories.

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Thanks, I just started a couple days ago and doing a few non mod playthroughs before I start looking at mods. That one looks pretty awesome and exactly what I would want naturally in the game. I guess mods in alpha stage are a great way to see what people think should be in game already.


Stockpile priorities is a great idea. And thanks for featuring my mod :slight_smile:


I build dinning hall for 48 people at the end of my castle. I only used fine items, carpets, chairs, windows, flags, all decorative items with perfect symetry. And I put 6 stone chests inside and only filter for food. It was beautiful.

Distance between main storage area and dinning hall is too big, people always put food in closest storage area. After taking food from main area, some of them prefer eat food while standing. They barely used dinning hall. Since my main storage area has 40 stone chests, i had to click every single one of them to filter for not putting food in them. That was not cool, that really ruined my gameplay.

“Priority storage” must be in the game before full release.

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Yeap, I agree. I’ll add a ticket to investigate a solution to this problem to our backlog.


I was who are you, then checked your profile, “Oh it’s Richard” lol

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