Put specific items in chests

It’d be really nice if aside from the filter thing, I could mark a chest as specifically desiring a specific number of a specific type of item. Basically the exact same thing the craftsmen have, just “put it here” instead of “craft this”.

Like for instance, I have safe houses scattered about the countryside, and it’d be really convenient if I could put a small crate in the corner and mark it as needing to be filled with bandages. As it is, they’ll never be filled because they’re never the closest box to the herbalist’s, and if they were I couldn’t be guaranteed they’d be bandages and not muscle tonics or something.


The only way I found to work around this is to use small containers for things that are higher priority and make a whole mess of them at once, fill it, then move it to where I want it. I kinda like the look of the small containers inside rooms, rather than large crates.

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The old game Pharaoh had an implementation of this. Currently, Stonehearth offers two control options for each item / item category: the stockpile can contain this item, or it cannot. Pharaoh had more settings:

  • Accept item: The stockpile accepted this item.
  • Do not accept item: The stockpile did not accept this item, but it did not throw out this item if it already had any.
  • Empty item: The stockpile did not accept this item, and tried to offload any of the item it has of this type to other stockpiles.
  • Get maximum: The stockpile specifically requests this item from other stockpiles that do not also have this setting for this item, and will continue to do so while it has space.
  • Maintain X: Same as above, but this will only happen while there are fewer than X items in this stockpile.

All of these, I think, would make sense for Stonehearth.


Old? I’m still playing Pharaoh :smiley: from time to time and you are absolutely right, the stockpile system is great and SH could use some of it.
But I think we would need a special class for wares distribution with a wheelbarrow or everyone is just running around restocking :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m still playing it, too. I think SH attracts people who enjoy games like Pharaoh. :slight_smile:

That said, Pharaoh is 17 years old. I’d say that’s pretty old at this point.