General all around suggestions

Dear developers,

I love the game already so much,
I found a couple things that could improve the game a lot.
I hope you guys are something with this.

Maybe add a number to all storage units in construction menu, not just chests.

Please do make it possible to specifically have one item placed in the big chests instead of a group.
In order with this make it possible to select multiple specific items to put in the same chest.
Like this, u could make a chest near your farm animals container nothing else but animal food, since the group animal food is now together with a couple other items.
The current specific storages are way too small.

=> maybe make it possible to open a specific menu with right click on a group or something, where u are able to select whatever you want in your chest. Or have 2 tabs, group and specific.

Please do make it possible to click on items laying around and click again on another spot to have a worker move it over there.
Similar to this, click on a worker, click on an item, click a chest/other location=> that specific worker will move it.

Make it possible to put a roof on free standing walls that are on the same ground plate.

Priority #1 for workers after putting a filter on a chest should be moving items into the right place, putting down all other work.
=> maybe make another check box in villager list with sorting, so you could let a couple people only sort items and make sure they are in the right place.

Set priorities: Which building to build first when u place multiple in construction.

Make it that workers prioritize general structure of the building over decorations and furniture.
So they first build the building=>remove their scaffoldings=>decorate

Maybe an area where all domestic animals can be held, so they don’t run around everywhere.
Like an area just like with the alert mode for the villagers so they all come together, but then for the domestic animals.

Much love and best regards from Belgium,


For the chest filling maybe make a courier job whose main ambition is to fill chests… just a thought.

Unka Bean