Save Chest Filter & Area Designation

what would be really useful is being able to save a filter list so that I can swap between “none” to move items and then right back to the filter for that specific chest.

for instance I want to put all the wood and stone from this area of the map into this chest, but I want all the gold and gold ores in this other chest etc many many chests. now I would toggle the filter of both chests to “none” so that they are moved back to the main base. except now I don’t remember every filter I had because I am too organized.

this would save me the trouble of having to remember to set the filters on those chests again.


hmmm, so a feature where you could click a button and the hearthlings would empty a chest or stockpile?

So you want the boxes to be kept in the place that you started to collect stuff at?
If not you could just carry home the boxes with same filter to base to save a ton of time since hearthlings carries those for example 32 items way faster than a few of them everytime they go back and forth.
Maybe i misunderstand sorry if i did.

I would love to have filters saved tho like “Blacksmith Filter” and i can just toggle that for every chest i want to be for the blacksmith. Even having the possibility to hold shift to select more boxes to switch them all at the sametime would be amazing


basically I want to daisy chain chests to however far they need to go, wait for them to fill up, haul them back and then set the filter to “none” and have the items transferred a little at a time, then put the chests back where they need to go. the problem is, doing this means I have to micromanage the chest filters and it I can easily forget which chest had which filter because all the chests look the same.

like delivery latency, the farther out I go, as long as resources are there I have time before they actually run out because the chests act as a buffer.
this is a must have for monster drops, I find it to be less risky to haul things like this.

in a perfect world, I would be able to give the chest 2 area designations like when “empty” place “here” with “this” filter, when “full” place “there” and set to “none” then I would never have to touch it again

I had this idea after playing some Autonauts the logic they give to bots would apply to hearthlings, just a simple if then else loop

I put “none” in quotes because if the Rotten food to Compost becomes a thing, you may want to be able to set a chest to pick up all raw foods, wait for them to rot then haul to other farming locations for herbs or fibers or trees etc. and still continue to pick up rotten foods. depends on how big your farm is and how complex you make it.