New Feature associated with chests

Need a way to select all the chests in a specific area to choose the filter for all of them at once.

It took me a while to make all the chests on the left filter all without food and on the right only food.

and I have to place plenty more for enough storage so , could be cool to add an easy way of filtering a huge zone in a couple of clicks.


Don’t know if possible with current way it is coded, at least with ease. Is a nice idea though. I myself don’t really make that big of storage, but could still see the use; since I do make sizable ones.

Mass Storage setting would make it fewer clicks for sure, just unsure how much would have to change in order to get something like that to be possible.

Holding shift maybe, to select multiple then set; or could be another button.

Either way I don’t mind, since I take my time with things anyhow. :stuck_out_tongue:

Could be something they add to the Tool selection(Harvest) where you choose to mine or harvest , you can select and then similar to how stockpiles works but better.
You select a zone that becomes like a stockpile and clicking on it will make every chest in this selected area w.e you decide.
it will be good to it that way so every time you add more chests they automatically get added to this specific zone with the specific settings you pre-set.

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I know this thread is kind old, sorry for the necro, but could I suggest being able to place chests in stockpile zones and they take the characteristics of the zone? That way its also expandable, and you can increase the storage as you go along