Selecting multiple crates

At the moment when you make a storehouse for only food you have to select each crate and only select food.

I’d love to see an option that we can drag the curses just the same way we do with harvesting so we can select all the crates at once.


Hijacking this thread somewhat:

In addition to this I would like to see the following options available for crate placement…

Left click, places crate as normal.

Shift Left Click, places crate remembering previous filter. (Handy for placing multiple crates that contain just food, or gold for example)

Ctrl Left Click, places crate with no filter. (Handy for placing multiple crates in a warehouse that you don’t want the hearthlings to use yet)


I would also like to have a much more intuitive way of “copy / paste” storage filters from one another, it can get a little bit tedious once you hit the 100+ crates mark.

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Actually, Tony has been working on being able to select a lot of different things at once as part of the upgrades to Parties in the Wednesday streams. So I guess they’ve are a bit closer to making this actually doable than you’d think.