[r2477] Crate contents ignored by hearthlings

Summary: When placing items into crates, they are no longer ‘perceived’ by hearthlings. This has given me two problems

  1. Crafters stop working when their resource is in a crate
  2. Crates are not immediately emptied of ‘un-ticked’ contents

How to reproduce:
Build crate
Place all wood in crate
Order carpenter to build something


Build crate
Place, watch random stuff enter crate
Untick item groups from crate
Items remain in crate


Notes: As the crate filled, this happened:

I’m not sure if it has to do with the crate filling up to full capacity or if its because I clicked on the unwanted items.

What should clicking on crate items do?

Version: r2477


when you do this thnig, then please Boil it down to the hard cold facs. An remember to play Long and hard and fiddle with all you can in game. its wery easy to be sad and post ine here (Like me) must some times you learn more by staying in game and THEN report back about ALL you have done an Experienceddeded

We recommend to write separate reports for each bug, because otherwise it’s really difficult to keep track of what’s been fixed, what is not a bug, which other repro steps can be followed, etc.

This is a nice report, and follows our template:


I was thinking it over, the problem seemed to be common to both issues stated in the summary. I can separate it if you want, just let me know!

Also, I’ll keep my sarcasm to myself this time and seethe in silence to be nice to the newbies, JUST FOR YOU! :smile:


Sorry for the misunderstanding, @phector2004 :anguished:
My comment was directed to Bernt, not you!

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@Bernt, Complain about the right bug reports, this is one of the better ones even if it does not follow the template exactly. While figuring out exactly the cause of the bug is nice, and helps a quick fix, in practice it is too much to expect. So help out instead of complaining that others can do better. Even badly written reports helps the devs figure out how well things actually work. (Since its easy to believe things work better than they do as a developer)

Anyway I just want to confirm this.

Edit: This might just be wrong, it could just be another bug where already deployed Items show up as options for placement: “And add that this bug also affects the place menu. The place menu will find these items, but when click somewhere in the world to place the item nothing will happen.”

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Hey Chymor
I think this bug’s been brought up before as it looks familiar but a quick search doesn’t reveal much. It’s been plaguing my game for a few builds now, but its a lot more evident with A11… it could be related, but I don’t see any direct link. Have a look and feel free to report it if nobody else has / add to the current bug reports :smiley:

This is the topic you want:

And I have the same problem, now I use the chest only for valuables, since those do not need to be taken out by my hearthlings. My precious.

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I’ve also experienced this particular issue (Steam Version 0.11.0), though the main culprit is with Wood, they seem to be able to retrieve food and other items with ease, maybe the risk of splinters is too great.

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