Suggestion - Filtering System and New Filters

I am thinking in a easy way to make sorting itens possible. using the filters we already have and adding another type of filter we could make easy to use and quick sorting system.

So for Start, the new filters are classes dependent, for exemple i want a crate to only stock itens that are made or needed by the carpenter, from this we would have a new sorting line with all crafitting classes.

The secound filter is a button to lock the storage to only remove itens, so that place is marked to not recive any more itens, with this we can even put another button to remove all the contents from the storage (only for crafted ones)

And here comes the sorting method, make prioryty to put itens on base on the filter settings in the following order:

Class Filter
Container with less item type filters selected
Closest countainer
And any countainer

So, you can set a workshop area for the cook, place some crates/chests near hin and put all of then to be a cook filter and will only recive ingredients for the cook to use or the food he makes

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