Manual Item Sorting

So, it’s all cool and dandy to be able to sort general items around by category in stockpiles.

However, I think it’d be so much better and cooler to have the option to be able to make and sort our own custom categories, item by item. (Whilst keeping current default categories for people who don’t want to bother with making their own and for fresh beginners)

In which I mean, setting up which items fall in to each category, so, for example, you could make a stockpile with custom categories that allow only windows, doors & lanterns to be placed in it, rather than ‘all’ furniture. Kind of a micromanaging thing.

It would also mean that players get a little freedom with how they organise their stockpiles and can rearrange everything to their liking. Especially when it gets all hectic with huge quantities of this and that.

Default categories also need to be fixed, especially in terms of food.


Animal Feed - (Poyo feed, Sheep feed, rabbit feed)
Cooked Edibles - (Stews, fried eggs, omelette, corn bread, peasant bread, roast poyo, poyo pot pie)
Inedibles - (Bale of Wheat, Corn meal, Sack of Flour)
Fruit & Veg - (Basket of Corn, Pumpkin, Turnip, Carrot, Berries)
Raw Meat - (Squirrel, Rabbit, Fox, Raccoon Jerky)

Currently they seem to be a little out of whack and all over the joint.


I would almost like the idea to be able to ‘fine tune’ the filters
example being able to select a specific item(s) to be in a container/stockpile
I would like to be able to fine tune them sometimes, having 2or 3 food piles.
one with all raw foods and plants ( wheet, flour, raw vegies, ect)
one with feed so its closer to my pens
one with cooked food near the tables

I know some items have more then one ‘tag’ since ive seen wheet bundles in my weavers pile and fiber bundles in my cooking pile


Yeah the second set of ideas for default list sounds about right. The exact amount of icons that would fit. I would be all for at least the defaults being more like that. In the very least for the food.

I wouldn’t mind an option to have something like trade goods or decorative objects. the plushies, vases, and those kind of stuff.

As well having options to separate by crafter. Since that is quite something that I seem to do a lot it dividing stuff or grouping certain ones together according to. :slight_smile:

I’ve been thinking more along the lines of the container being able to be attributed to a workbench, or have specific filters for specific workplaces.

This is the carpenter’s input container, this other one, the output container. One has one filter set, the other one, has another. That way the carpenter will usually have his input items near his shop, but if that fails, he can always go retrieve what he needs next door.

I wonder if @yshan would know if this is a possibility ? :innocent:\

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oooo… just thought of another to add for a default, which is:

Rotten Category

Why? well to sort out the rotten stuff to a dump of sorts. That and for myself would most likely keep them busy to an extent. :slight_smile:


well your Hearthlings will automactly clear our rotten food. it seems more random but the will clear it out

But clear it out to where? If there is no stockpile with all… It more likely would end up them taking it out before the container it was put in. ><

That is one reason I suggested it, and the other reason would kind of go along with another suggestion that was made for rotten food to be used with something, like fertilizer. Something like that. That way we could make a compost heap off to the side without worry about them littering the place with filth… :stuck_out_tongue:

Just like to keep things tidy and looking that way. For all I know it could be put under wealth option as it does attract flies… :smiley:

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they destroy it they don’t move it anywhere since it has no use


Well then I have seen some odd behavior with my stockpile then. If you have one designated to all, they move it there… Before I wasn’t noticing anything due to all food being in containers, but I had to have a stockpile marked with all; for my clay bricks to not be on roofs… ><

So is something I noticed recently.

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I.e. A miscellaneous section for those odd bits and bobs you loot and currently have very little use for in many regards? :stuck_out_tongue:
I think such would go well.

Custom categorising would be ideal in my eyes though. At least, in the long term.
With defaults corrected, fixed and expanded to compensate for new items/categories in the time being.

Also not a bad idea. I like it! :slightly_smiling: Organising certain containers/stockpiles per workbench for clean, productive sorting. That too would be interesting to have implemented!


Lots of good ideas I like them. The big thing is I want to be able to have containers next to my cook that the people only put cooking ingredients into. Then want to put some building materials into the bin next to the carpenter and the Mason and the blacksmith and and… the other thing that would be good as to be able to set it up so only so many of one item going there so if you have tons of wood laying around you don’t fill up all of the chest next to the carpenter and Mason just because they’re capable of getting wood.


Most of these solutions would probably involve an item being categorized as more than a single type.

Like stone, which is used in several different scenarios, could have some tags like: mason_primitive, mining_result, building_primitive

Or bundles of cloth which are base for both the carpenter (comfy beds and chairs) and the Weaver (pretty much anything), could have the tags: carpenter_primitive and Weaver_primitive.

Perhaps have some prefixes like: primitive_, result_, to mark the transformations.

This, I think, would solve quite a few categorization issues. With little overhead if proper indices are created :slight_smile:

And I know that saying this is much much easier than doing hehe

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The system right now seems like a simplification of what you’d find in Gnomoria/RimWorld/DF (ie, other similar games) but as the data for the game gets more complicated, I too would prefer to see a bit more robust of a system for storage options.

It would seem to be possible to keep the broad categories but also allow drilling down for more depth (ala Gnomoria’s way) for those who want the depth without blowing the minds of those who have no interest in that.

It would also be nice to be able to prioritize stockpiles/storage, so you can have feeder systems to be more organized. This is another common feature in the slightly more robust implementations.


I would prefer to separate item by item literally. Like, “Stone Door” and “Wooden Door” can be separated, so we can give every craftsman it’s own little storage. That would speed up the crafting a little bit, too.
Of course the menu for that would be stunning :smiley: