RC Food items not being sorted

Basically the items the cook creates can not be sorted separately. The cooked food filter does not work with RC’s products. At least most the beginning ones; gord soup, and the ones with plates. Don’t know about the higher level ones, but the lower level ones don’t seem to sort into containers with cooked food.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make a stockpile to store raw and food containers, then a separate stockpile with cooked food; preferably the containers (as that is what I was using)
  2. Cook some of the basic food items from cook’s crafting.
  3. See the results.

Expected Results:
The dishes made go into cooked food marked containers, or stockpiles.
Actual Results:
They end up in the raw food, and food container filtered stockpiles & containers.
I don’t know about the stockpiles not sorting, as I used containers. I just know they don’t sort into the cooked food filtered containers. I even tried putting food containers on the containers, and nothing; although I did keep that same on the stockpile as well which makes that a bit redundant. Almost makes every food I cook seem like it is raw food.

At least the low level ones; the ones with a plate in the icon. gourde soup being one of them, carrot one, and the vegy one.
----------- Not sure if needed, as it is simple to produce.
Version Number and Mods in use:
A14 519
System Information:
NE56R48u (Model number)

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I noticed the same thing also. Where bread and soups appear to be “Food Containers” rather than “Cooked food”.
I’d have thought food that’s been cooked would be classified as “Cooked Food” :stuck_out_tongue: Guess I was wrong. lol

yeah, was odd. Especially since the container tag is the only thing I can do to separate animal feed and hearthling feed… That didn’t come out right. ><

Basically the animal feed is the only one that isn’t marked with container I find out.

I think all raw and cooked are under that category. Granted the raw food does sort out, it just seems to take the container priority first and always, making the only thing that stays in raw food, the animal feed.

Maybe things should have more categories and actually define them, like Animal feed; which is what the raw food seems to be now, Have an actual raw food and cooked food. I don’t understand why there is one for container food, as that is somewhat backfiring; since all food the hearthlings eat is indirectly a container… hence them getting a serving from the basket or piece of food.

Well I hope that food category gets something a bit more workable, as the current one there is technically only 2 sorting. animal feed and container food. And that is how it sorts… Cooked food appears to be blank, and not used.

I am sure I heard mention of someone working on the sorting in stockpiles… So hopefully this will be part of that as well, since if things don’t sort then… What is the point in having category that will sit empty, unless it a placeholder of some kind. Anyways, I have faith. :smiley:

I’m fairly sure cooked food category in the stockpile consisted of Bale of Wheat, Poyo Feed, Raw Eggs, Corn Meal, Fox Jerky.

Which confuses the heck out of me. lol.

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Yeah that is confusing… Wouldn’t know about those items, except the sheep feed; which for me separates to raw… RC doesn’t have wheat… >< All the food items that can be eaten seem to go into container, and all the non-edible ones… Might end up in the cooked or raw depending on if it is a container or not.

Still confusing, and hope the thing gets sorted out in the next one or soon. I am in no rush, although is very odd the way they have it at the moment. Don’t see the need for container food.

Maybe a good way to separate would be:
Animal feed
Cooked edibles
Cooked unedibles
Raw food

Something like that. That way things could be sorted somewhat accordingly. :smiley:

Yeah, I just realised that I somehow missed “RC” in the title. lol!
But pretty much my side was similar issues but with TA.

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