A few Ideas me and a friend have had after playing the game for hours. I seem to really like crafting

Hey all. Really love the game but saw a few issues while My village developed. And a few suggestions for you all to muddle over. (seems most of my ideas have to do with crafting or things that revolve around it.)

A few more options when making a Stock pile. While I was playing, my miners ran into a coal vein that ended up filling my “ore” stockpile. (And it was something like a 20x20 size stockpile) for a few things Id like to beable to make a stock pile for specific Items. Like coal, or iron ore and beable to exclude from a stockpile the same way. So I can have my giant stockpile of coal, And only coal while having another for all of my ores. I had the same issue with food as my trapper was apparently very good at his job. Also as a side note here. The ability for certain stockpiles assigned to one item (here is looking at you coal) be able to be stacked 2 high

Side Grades. Like your guards get new weapons and shields, workers Should also get things like that. Make mining picks in the blacksmith and your workers are faster at mining, and find more ore while mining stone. And backpacks that almost any class can wear that allows them to carry more items at once. Leather backpack lets them hold 5 items or “stacks” and it can be upgraded from there. Also useful later when we can make a party of adventuring Hearthlings so they can take food with them. Of course more could be made for other classes, Upgrade all the things.

Upgradable workbench. Sure its nice your carpenter works on a log but it would be nice that after a few lvls you could upgrade his workbench and with it give him the tools required to make more items, So it goes from a Log to a 2 wide really sturdy table, Then gets alil wider to support a tool rack for his saw, a hammer and some chisels made of stone. Then it get more ornate and gets more tools but all made of steel and so forth. Each bench upgrade past the first requiring stuff from one of the others. Like stone tools from the mason fore the tier 2 upgrade and steel tools from the blacksmith for the tier 3 upgrade and so forth. Every tier needing something from another crafting skill.

Craftsmen Jobs having more than one “workbench”. To go along with the suggestion above. It makes sense that the blacksmith having a forge to make the Metal bars in, and that too should have upgrades but are done by the blacksmith or the crafting Herthling in question. Like the weaver needs a spinning weal that could eventually upgrade into a loom. on top of having the normal crafting table. Altho the Weaver may need stuff from the other crafting skills for most of all her 2 work stations upgrades.

Interaction with the environment. With the introduction of water we can open the floodgates (hehe) one things we can do with water. I focus mainly on how to put it to work. As above I have been talking about a two crafting bench system I struggled abit on what the second table for the carpenter could be, and the perfect suggestion which leads me to put it here is a Lathe. Easily starting out as a foot powered lathe that uses a stone wheel for added weight and torque the next logical step would be water power and a water wheel, Same could be said about the bellows on the blacksmiths forge, or the weavers Loom (like end tier loom) and a grainery to make wheat/corn/rice into flour. Much more things could be listed here but we ain’t got all day.

Steamer Crafting skill, Your gateway to steam and cool contraptions The best way to make water do the work you needed it to do. Burn that coal (you have old caves full of by now) and make steam. The steamer is the endish tier crafting job for a hearthing. Giving you the ability to use bronze (or brass if they add it in) Steel, and iron with the power of steam to make your hearthling the best they can be with their top tier crafting tables automated with steam, Steam could also be used to do non crafting related things. Moving draw bridges for one! The Steamer is also well versed in geares and other mechanical devises of all sizes allowing them to make many Items letting you give your town a splash of Steampunk if you wish.

Enchanter: As magic is planned An enchanter you can get earlyish would be nice to make weapons and armor and backpacks and tools better. They could also help with magical construction. and possible town defense with magical traps and what not.

And last but not least.

Light radius around a light source when using the “place” tool so I can make sure my mine and the area around my town is properly lit and monsters don’t spawn in my mine.

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Also I didn’t know about the planned engineer thats pretty much my steamer class. My bad

I think this can be done with modding…

I don’t have much time to experiment atm, but wanted to add something of the sort to my latest mod – I had been playing around with weapon buffs and was interested in making a custom tool to upgrade a worker/crafter.

The big issue is that there was no obvious way of specifying that the new tool was an upgrade. Weapons have an iLevel that lets the AI figure out if a Short Sword is better than a Bronze Sword. I’m not sure how this works with other items, but figure it has a good chance of doing what its supposed to do if popped into the code.

Anyways, if anybody wants to take a shot at modding, maybe to try out adding an iLevel to tools, have a look at worker_outfit_2.json (found in jobs/worker)

The following code from that json looks useful for tool upgrades:

  "stonehearth:equipment_piece" : {
     "slot" : "torso",
     "render_type" : "merge_with_model",
     "roles" : "worker_job",
     "ilevel" : 2,
     "injected_buffs" : [ "stonehearth:buffs:devoted" ],
     "equip_effect" : "/stonehearth/data/effects/level_up"

Obviously, slot should be changed to mainhand
iLevel should be adjusted to suit the number of upgrades you’d like to provide - e.g. don’t set it to 2 if you plan on having in-between upgraded tools in the future. Radiant have set the weapon iLevels to be spaced out by 2 - 4 levels, this helps with modding as you can slip in ‘intermediate’ weapons that fit between the vanilla ones.

injected_buffs will add a buff of your choosing. These are very straightforward to use. Have a look at the current buffs and copy+paste to your suiting. Any attribute can be modified and many can be altered at once. N.B. as stated in my bug report a few days ago, ‘add’ will not work, so you can only multiply attributes at the moment.

Bonus points to you if you design an icon for your custom buffs :smile:
[size=10](But it better look nicer than the craptastic buff icons in my torches mod!!!)[/size]

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