Stone tools mod?

well in one of the last streams tom said that they weren’t going to make stone tools :disappointed_relieved: so I’m thinking of making a mod for them. just thought i would make this thread so that people could give me suggestions for what to have as tools. also I’m not 100% certain whether ill make this mod or not.

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Item: Stone Farmer’s Ho: +10% Faster farming bonus.
Crafted by: Mason
Description: Looks like the wooden one but with a stone blade.

Implementation Ideas:
Maybe you could put a level restriction on it like the Shepard’s hook. Then it could be a specific item that you would be able to promote to after a previous level.

If there were a entirely new scripted way of replacing the item with the new one without having to use the promotion idea. Maybe you could use the upgraded worker’s outfit script that allows the ability for automatic upgrade after it’s created and then add the changed model to the character sheet.

Other thoughts:
Seems like the saw, and trapper’s knife would start metal and stone would not be beneficial to craft these items from stone. The hammer and pickaxe also would seem to be metal, and aren’t crafted tools, though you could still make them and find a way to allow the worker to upgrade.

Unless there is some kind of reason, and a bonus to upgrade to the material, then it seems like it would be mostly a cosmetic change / reskin. Which is what I believe Tom’s reason for not adding stone tools in the game when ores and the Blacksmith are in development.

I would still encourage you to do some modding, no matter what direction you plan to go, and I am interested to see what you come up with.


The trapper’s knife is apparently bone. So either bone will have to be added as a material the mason can craft with, or its description will need to be changed.

I’d like to see a stone club, as a stone sword doesn’t make much sense… I’m looking at you, Minecraft!

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i would like the tools be upgrade to get more off it. but i think the classes would need to be finished first to see what can be done

well i was thinking of making the stone items like the upgraded worker outfit, makes them work faster and such

this would be a interesting thing to work with also.

hmm interesting idea, i might use this as one.

@DaiMoGui This is such a great idea. And is very doable :slight_smile:

It doesn’t need to be done from the lua side of things, basically how it could work is you create the say the Stone Hoe, and specify

"stonehearth:equipment_piece" : {
     "slot" : "mainhand",
     "render_type" : "attach_to_bone",
     "roles" : "farmer_job",
     "injected_buffs" : [ "stonehearth:buffs:devoted" ],
     "equip_effect" : "/stonehearth/data/effects/level_up",
     "postures" : [ "stonehearth:combat" ]

in it’s components, this would cause the farmer to run over and pick it up upon it’s placement in a stockpile.


"injected_buffs" : [ "stonehearth:buffs:devoted" ],

to point to your own custom buff, if the 1.2 speed up isn’t enough.

I didn’t look into how/what removes buffs, it is possible the buff might stay there forever which would be the desired effect.

@8BitCrab OP Stone Tools, Stone Tools Revenge as Tom shamelessly tossed them aside :wink:

As @coasterspaul has mentioned different materials would also be a good addition to the mod.

Overall, whatever you do it will be a great experience. You never know where this might lead to even if that is an entirely different project ;).


I think if she is gonna give him a farming bonus he should at least refer to her as an assistant :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness though; good idea, I like the progression idea of tools but would worry it could become a little micromanage-y. I guess the current system of ‘I see a better bit of gear - I’ll go pick it up and it replaces my default one’ would work…


due to the fact that i dont have a super lot of time i dont think i will be making this. however i still might make the models if anyone else wants to do the coding.

I’m up for coding a few in, this would be a great sample for people looking to replace the current class tool with a different one. :wink:

Whenever / if your still interested, make the models. Either pm them to me, or just post a download here :slight_smile:

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well i was gone for a 4 days so i haven’t got around to it yet, ill do some later today though :blush:

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