Upgrading tools

On my phone right now, so I can’t search for similar topics very easily. Anyways, I was curious on if tools will get upgrades. Such as turing the farmer’s normal wooden hoe into a stone then metal etc hoe, thus improving the farmer’s performance by having a better tool.

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i like this thought, and i believe tom has said they planned to do this when the blacksmith was being implemented, so we mighty see this yet.

stone tools wont be a thing.


B-but it’s rock hard ;n;

I thought he said that this was too micro managy and wasn’t going to be implimented…

Thought fight!


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im confused of how that would be to “micro managy” it would be no different then footmen getting better weapons/armor…

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this would be for me a logical progression of tools, instead of starting with primitive stone or wood tools, would begin with bronze or iron equipment, depending on your embark options, then progress to steel and then to a better quality alloy increasing work speed.

there the first tier would have a speed modifier of 0%
the second tier would have a 15% speed increase
and the third tier would have a 30% speed increase
also affected by the worker skill and stats.

i think starting with wooden tools is alright, as long as we will be able to get upgraded versions of bronze iron, steel, etc.

P.S. nice model designs!

Thanks! :smiley:
but the reason I dont like wood tools its because it makes no sense… at least stone tools would make some sense because you have almost inmediate access to rocks as you can collect them right away… maybe not mine them but to harvest them from the enviroment.

tools from most primitive start from wood and bone.

and would look something like this, from left to right
is the horn pick axe, stone pick axe, bone hoe, stone axe.
the problem I have with this is that your groups is far more advanced that this, and they should embark with at least 1 modern tool, if it is a pick axe and an axe at least.