Wheelbarrows or Mining Pick?

I was playing and it occurred to me that there could be a way to make some workers better. Possibly. Could we craft semi-promotion items, like a wheelbarrow, or a mining pick that can be used to make a worker’s job easier? My idea is that by giving a worker a wheelbarrow, (made in tandem by carpenter and engineer) they can restock items quicker and in larger quantities. Also, it solves a pesky problem of all the workers either mining or building and ignoring some of that sweet, sweet loot from those goblins. I know you can fine tool the hearthling’s jobs and specify if they can build or mine, but this way you get a dedicated miner or stocker.


I second this. It seems weird that my Hearthlings have invented turrets, but haven’t invented the wheel.

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@Lew I have even considered to just stop playing again at this point as the most basic stuff is left out it seems.
How can we have archers but not wheels ? Bending wood is harder than sculpting it. Sometimes shit doesn’t make sense at all. Another thing is the fact we can’t make metal walls or anything even tho we have a blacksmith/engineer.

I could keep going but that’d be just sad. We are in dire need of many things and we won’t be seeing them anytime soon.

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It is a good idea then you can improve the workers