Future fight !? Suggestions

I been wondering around in the game the past few days, and i then i question show in my head:

Why there nothing like a torret or a something to my hearthlings defend their bases/town/houses??

And the next question is the “need to” Kind of question:

Why reduce the amount of items in the stockpiles when some of the players think that actually should be MORE no less.?? Sorting is always good. :<

In 3013 the scaffoldings are better even tho, they get stuck and you have to restart your game to hearthlings remove them but i guess is better, even tho some times they just dont finish a structure at all., or just leave the ladders in the structure, with no way more than console to remove them.

The knights even tho they not mean to haul, they do it some times and in an early stage of the game it helps alot to the workers letting them focus in another things, but all sudden all knights decide to not haul a thing and leave all in the floor, also workers still have the “thing” to no haul things way to far away from their roads.

Greetings, Thanks for read me.

The mechanic CAN actually build turrets.