Once building is overhauled

please overhaul mining. seriously hearthlings which mine are a lot more likely to get stuck then doing anything else. its just sad.

Oh not just a baseless request has some ideas.

mining area ideas.

info: a mining area similar to storage, trap, farm and that stuff quarries dig deep in 4 block sets with the hearthlings mining it making ladders and jutting inwards every 4 blocks, the larger the quarry the deeper it can go. while being mined hearthlings will automaticly set up mini storage areas as they dig. these areas are a 4x4 flat zone with a dark stone bottom.

mine stairs
info: mining option causes hearthlings to mine stairs instead of just mining out a pit, best used as your entry to areas mining. works well with the standard cube mine item.

info: crafted by an engineer this 4x4x4 item has a built in 32 slot crate and can hold upto 3 hearthlings. hearthlings will treat it as a ladder of sorts with more freedom when mining is really useful when you don’t want to extend the ladder every 4 or so blocks. just make a shaft and put this at the top of it. (requires an empty bottom and walls on 3 of the 4 sides. (removing the walls will cause it to fall)