Handcarts (Pulling-carts)

Hi everybody !

I just saw the official announcement of crates implementation and I am so glad of that new feature for the next version.

But I had an idea which could go along quit nicely with crates:

Handcarts !

Why handcarts ? Well we already know that handcarts are pulled by persons and the carts contain items.

What I am suggesting is to add handcarts to allow hearthlings to fill them with crates or items and carry more items at once. So now let me show you an example.


Allows to carry more items for a hearthling at once

The walk speed of the hearthling is slowed, except of roads

The handcarts are destroyable by you and the enemies (If destroyed, its content is dropped on the ground)

The handcart would need to be built by an engineer, but the pieces to build it would be crafted by the carpenter

An that’s it, feel free to comment.


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