The Apprentice's Cart

Alright, so, last night, whilst I was in the wonderful place of dreamland, I had this amazing and crazy idea!

The Apprentice’s Cart.

When we hit late game, we’ll most likely have big, bustling cities, right? So, not every hearthling will have time to traverse across the entire city just to get food or goods. And making multiple stockpiles here and there can get confusing, as one may be too full, and one may be fully empty! But what if… what if…

An apprentice level cook, potter, mason, etc., can go around town, using the Apprentice’s cart, filled with goods made by a higher-level hearthling of that same class. And if there are no other apprentice-level hearthlings of that class, that apprentice should “refuse” to level up.

Not only can this be great for late-game settlements, but it adds personality to the world. A craftsman will not have time to go around, trading their goods to the town, because they will be too busy making those goods. So, having an apprentice to them would make perfect sense!

This is just a rough idea, based off of a dream I had (where I saw a cook carry around a pumpkin cart, bringing it to various hearthlings across a vast city.

Thoughts? Do you think this would be a cool and fun thing to have? :smiley:


That’s a clever idea! :smiley: