Class Suggestion for late game [Postman / Courier]

The more classes come the more complicated storage will be for the late game. Especially when we think about the future of Stonehearth, where we all know that we will have Castles and big cities and all that.

I thought about another class, as I was watching the video about the Herbalist, that may be able to help with the storage for the later game.

A Postman/Courier
Lets say the Carpenter and Herbalist dont use the same storage and they are assigned to certain storageplaces. May it be a square on the ground or a box with stuff in it. If we think about cities the Herbalist or Carpenter wont just move out, goes to the next warehouse and takes the stuff. It would be more likely that they are already working on some important stuff and dont have the time for running around gathering the things they need. Especially when they do one job at a time, as shown in the current state of the game, which of course can change.

And that is where the Postman/Courier comes in.
He waits at the main office and waits for his first job of the day. This job comes from the Herbalist (Player) of what he wants to create and how much he needs for that. The P/C goes to the warehouse/storagepile and collects the items. Then he moves them over to the storageunits the Herbalist only uses. The P/C may even be able to use a carriage because it might be to much for him to carry.

I know the idea is meant to be for late game, when castles and cities have been astablished, but it would make the game a bit easier and the NPCs would not run around when they should be working on something else. Especially when we think about early game, where attacks will scare the NPCs that are not guarding the village away. The P/C could be a fearless person who runs past everything because it is his job to deliver the items. Or he would have to wait at a signed Guard with a carriage because there is a battle going on up ahead.

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