Temporary storage zone or transportation storage zone


Something that came to my mind while I was playing is that the bigger my town gets the more my hearthlings have to walk to unload/load resources. I can set filters to storages close to where specific items are needed (cooked food in boxes inside houses, pelts in a storage zone close to the weaver), but then another specialized class would have to do the walking (cook to the houses, trapper to the weaver), taking precious time they could spend doing their jobs. I also tried to unmark haul, but this won`t make them drop items they just produced, they will still carry it to a storage. A temporary storage could remedy the situation, which would function like any other storage and should be put close to where a resource is produced and when a normal storage has enough space a worker would unload the content of the temporary storage and store it in the normal storage. This way you can create a chain of resource transportation handled by your workers while your specialized classes can focus on their jobs. Your cook will put food in a nearby temporary storage zone instead of walking trough every house while the workers move the food to the normal storages. Your trapper can store pelts and jerky in a temporary storage zone in a nearby hunting lodge, while your workers transport the goods to your town.


  • Store items like a storage zone
  • Stored items will wait to be transported by workers when there enough space available in a normal storage
  • Items can be loaded by any class, but only unloaded by workers
  • Specialized classes won`t have to waste time transporting goods they produce.
  • Watch as your town production increases



yes i want this please