Need a Hauler Class

Need a Hearthling whose job it is to go around and pick stuff up and haul it to storage, with a priority on long distance hauling (like Loot). Maybe he/she can have a little cart and donkey and can level up to haul even more, have a little defender beside him and greater speed… The regular workers just aren’t doing the job, especially in the mid-late game when a map is nothing but little gold loot flags.


If we could get levelled versions of the original workers, this would be a great idea! For instance, at level 1, they can carry 1.5x the items. At level 2, they get a 25% speed increase. Between level 3 and 5, they get more results from trees and mining, perhaps? Just a few thoughts on your OP

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You can make half of what you suggest yourself, by choosing a worker hearthling and deactivating everything except “Haul” for them in the population overview screen. The cart or levels, though, are nowhere in sight.

I prefer the current system over a new class, though I do think a cart is required… In my opinion you could place it like a crate in an area, where there is stuff to transport (freshly crushed crypt as well as a newly mined tunnel), and all hearthlings put everything they find in there (so far exactly as crates work). The difference is that as soon as the cart is full, a hearthling moves it automatically back to base, empties it, and brings it back (which is exactly what I currently do manually with 2-3 parallel crates and carefully chosen storage categories).


This is actually what I currently do, except that it is a manual process. When mining over somewhere far from the base, I usually setup a temporary camp with a food chest (taken full, right next to the farm, and brought over to the mine), some beds and a bunch of empty chests for them to put the mined stuff in. When the food chest is (near) empty, I move it back to farm and swap it for a full one. When the mined goods chest is full, I take it back to the base general storage, and put some empty ones in place. It is actually not horrible to do that by hand. What would be ideal, in my scenario, which sort of goes along with the previous posts, is if I could assign a specific heartling to do just that. In other words, I guess it would be nice if we could assign specific jobs to specific heartlings, not just in the general sense of the term (like a carpenter’s job is to make wooden things), but as in picking a specific guy/gal and give him/her specific instructions on things to do, like the scenario I described above.

For some reason I thought chests had to be empty to move them since I was worried I would lose everything inside, for a completely unknown reason known only to my brain. Will try this as a workaround though it would still be more useful to have a class that does this or a better way to setup long range outposts and give specific tasks. Although I would love to be able to promote a worker up to a Hauler and watch him go around. I just want to occasionally stop everything else so everyone will go around and do some clean up for once. haha. Clean the Planet as it were.

Ya, even the idea of dumping boxes nearby loot areas and then trying to move them doesn’t always work since sometimes cannot even get workers to go to the rea and start picking stuff up. They seem to prioritize everything close first and once you get large farms and shepherds, until you get 8+ workers only they just run around gathering those items and rarely loot. Need a Hauler Class or the ability to assign workers “loot” flags like the armies defend flag. Maybe you can set it down and workers will prioritize looting the area around the flag where it’s set.

You can make Upgraded Worker suits to make them go faster which is really nice to have